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Break Even

When you lose the love of your life, can you ever really get over it? Can a broken heart be mended? Spike isn’t sure that he’ll ever stop loving Buffy even though she seems to have moved on. Spiralling ever deeper into depression, will he be able to find a way back to happiness?

A Loss of Pride

Response to a challenge set by anon462 on Elysian Fields. Set post season finale of both AtS and BtVS. Spike has shanshued but hates it. Angel tries to help him adjust but Spike resents it. One day he is seriously injured in a fight with demons and Angel turns to the one person who he knows can help Spike recover – Buffy – how will she react to the news that Spike’s alive?

Light of My Lantern

After the events of Not Fade Away and the battle in L.A., Spike is granted humanity by the Powers that Be. The only problem is his memories are erased, and he establishes a new life with a new woman. Though Buffy decides to leave him to his happy life, she goes back to him after tragedy strikes, unsure what to do. She and Spike (known as William) establish a friendship, but after a year, Willow’s in trouble, and Buffy has to return to the Cleveland hellmouth. Buffy POV. (There is only brief mention of William/other. This is a Spike/Buffy story.) Based on a challenge by killjoy and written for challenge month in April 2020.


Season 2 naughtiness. Takes place during Becoming Pt. 2, when Spike rescues Buffy from that pesky police officer. But this time, Spike waits until Buffy is in handcuffs before he decides to step in.