A Stone’s Throw From Yesterday

The Hellmouth has been destroyed for three years, and the Scoobies have scattered, continuing their fight against the evils of the world. In the Egyptian desert, a man hears a tortured plea for help. It’s just a shame he doesn’t recognize his own voice.

Latter Days

Set post-Chosen. After the Slayers are activated, the balance between good and evil is disturbed, and the Scoobies are flung to the far corners of the world to respond to the crisis. In the midst of all of this, will they be able to keep their relationships strong? Or will they be divided by circumstances and torn apart by fate? Follows my short story Yesterday.

Only Time Will Tell

A year after the Hellmouth collapsed, Buffy and co., who now reside in London, are faced with an interesting mission. They must retrieve an artifact, however, this one was destroyed over a hundred years ago. In order to retrieve it, she and her watcher must travel back in time to the late 1800’s, to the precise location where William lived before he was turned. Will she risk changing history to seek out the one she loves or will she be put in a completely different situation than she’d anticipated in the first place? (A slightly lighter fare than I usually write, though you should anticipate some angst, because it’s me after all. Time Travel / Historical / Post-Series / Sexual Situations)