The Thin Red Line

Step-siblings Spike Pratt and Buffy Summers are close to crossing the line. Ever since they first met nearly four years ago, they’ve had to fight the physical attraction between them, fight to ignore the lust that taints their blood, the low moaning and hoarse shouts of self-gratification that slip through the thin walls of their adjoining bedrooms each night… (Written for the taboo_spuffy 002 Mini Challenge)

The New Boss

Buffy Summers has a new boss. He’s a smooth talking sex pot that she can’t seem to resist but her stiff upbringing holds her back and keeps her working late to make up for all the ogling. But one night, she’s caught in the act. Will her new employer fire her for not reaching her deadlines or has he been doing some ogling of his own? (Written for the taboo_spuffy community challenge prompt on livejournal.) **Part of The Office Series**

Something Real

Buffy is a single woman empowered by her sexuality yet detached from human connection. She’s never had a real relationship, never slept with the same guy twice, and never had any intentions of doing either until she goes to a party in downtown NY and meets a mystery man who changes everything. This is an angsty ride, so please read the A/N’s on Chapter 1. (This is based on the film Lie With Me but with my own twists and turns.)

Only Time Will Tell

A year after the Hellmouth collapsed, Buffy and co., who now reside in London, are faced with an interesting mission. They must retrieve an artifact, however, this one was destroyed over a hundred years ago. In order to retrieve it, she and her watcher must travel back in time to the late 1800’s, to the precise location where William lived before he was turned. Will she risk changing history to seek out the one she loves or will she be put in a completely different situation than she’d anticipated in the first place? (A slightly lighter fare than I usually write, though you should anticipate some angst, because it’s me after all. Time Travel / Historical / Post-Series / Sexual Situations)

My Brother’s Best Friend

High school crushes are hard to get over when the object of your affection just so happens to be your older brother’s best friend. Even worse, when you’re a nerd who’s never even had a boyfriend before. If you never tell, then he’ll never know. But what if he and the entire school found out? Sometimes dreams can come true, even for a nerd like Buffy Summers.

Late Night Phone Call

Buffy gets a phone call in the middle of the night from the last person she’d expect to hear from. Instead of being angry, however, she finds that the telephone lends her the courage to say the things she’s too afraid to admit, and more…to explore a side of her fantasies she didn’t know existed until she opened up to her enemy.

Delust or Dust

Spike has returned to Sunnydale, heartbroken that Drusilla has left him. When a love spell goes horribly wrong, how will the Scoobies react when the slayer gets involved with yet another vampire? Will Giles wipe his glasses in disapproval? Will Xander not understand but be too enamored with the visuals to say anything? Is Angel going to brood about it or will he do something more? WHAT WILL HAPPEN? (Starts off with the episode “Lover’s Walk” and then goes AU practically from the start.)