Mile High

Buffy’s a stewardess, trapped with the world’s most infuriating passenger – a baaad bleached blonde jerk named Spike. But, before the flight is over, oh, she’ll have her sweet revenge…

Living for Love

Buffy is back in California after spending her summer in Paris falling in love with a shy Frenchman named William. Will their long-distance love survive the test of time or will distance prove too much for them? Third and last installment of the ‘Love’ trilogy. I highly suggest reading in sequence ‘Language of Love’ then ‘Lessons in Love’ before ‘Living for Love’. PWP.

Lessons in Love

Sequel to ‘Language of Love’. With the language barrier still intact, as well as William’s virginity, our couple is now on the road driving back to Buffy’s summer residence in France. Will they make it there before their hormones get the better of them? I strongly encourage you to read ‘Language of Love’ first, (3 chapters long), it will help make sense out of this story. Now that this is officially a sequel, I deem it porn with healthy dollop of plot as opposed to a smidgeon.

Language of Love

While visiting Paris for the summer, Buffy is instantly attracted to a shy bartender. Problem? She doesn’t speak French and he can’t understand English. With a little nudge from their helpful friends, they find themselves in a situation where they must communicate. Can the barrier be overcome in other ways?

The Thin Red Line

Step-siblings Spike Pratt and Buffy Summers are close to crossing the line. Ever since they first met nearly four years ago, they’ve had to fight the physical attraction between them, fight to ignore the lust that taints their blood, the low moaning and hoarse shouts of self-gratification that slip through the thin walls of their adjoining bedrooms each night… (Written for the taboo_spuffy 002 Mini Challenge)