Lessons in Love

Total Chapters: 6

Sequel to ‘Language of Love’. With the language barrier still intact, as well as William’s virginity, our couple is now on the road driving back to Buffy’s summer residence in France. Will they make it there before their hormones get the better of them? I strongly encourage you to read ‘Language of Love’ first, (3 chapters long), it will help make sense out of this story. Now that this is officially a sequel, I deem it porn with healthy dollop of plot as opposed to a smidgeon.

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Chapter 1: Me Conduire Fou (Drive Me Crazy)

Chapter Notes: Here it is, as promised.  I do hope you enjoy the beginning of a summer full of love and sexual discovery between a Frenchman and his American princess.  Don’t forget, wherever you see ‘F:’ it means only French is being spoken. My very special thanks to Karbear57, Dusty273 and Beasleysmom for their help in editing this chapter.

Settling into his car, they drove off.  Buffy had indicated a few turns before sitting back to relax.  Since they were headed out of town, he guessed it would be a few more miles before they reached where she was staying.  He still couldn’t believe this lovely creature sitting next to him had not only enjoyed his amateur attempt at pleasing her, but she had, quite literally, blown his, er, mind.  His erection still had yet to go away, and he was sure if she looked at him in just the right way, well, he’d have one hell of a mess on his hands.

A thought came to Buffy and she immediately pulled a pen and a scrap piece of paper from her purse. 

He looked over in curiosity as she scribbled something down then handed him what she’d wrote.  Glancing at it, he instantly recognized the address and had to gasp.  Her father must have money for her to be staying at Château de La Trousse.  It was a beautiful mid-17th century castle nestled in the rolling countryside of Seine et Marne district, about 50km east of Paris.  When he looked over at her, she had a questioning look on her face as if to ask if he knew of the place.  He nodded, still too dumbfounded to speak… beautiful and wealthy, he surely didn’t deserve this kind of girl, yet here she was in his car all golden and smiling and… HEY!!!

As soon as he nodded, knowing where to take her, she couldn’t resist.  It was a bit of a drive so she took the opportunity to move a little closer to him and place a hand on his lean hard thigh.  He jumped immediately then closed his eyes and groaned as she started sliding it up towards his groin.

He was surely going to crash if she touched him ‘there’. 

F: “Miss Buffy, please… p-please don’t… AHHH.”  Her hot little hand had found its way to his raging hard on and began stroking it up and down.   His foot immediately pressed against the accelerator, forcing the engine to his tiny blue Peugeot to fire and take off. 

Smiling at the way it affected him, she giggled when he started driving faster.  She wasn’t about to argue, she wanted to get to the Chateau as fast as possible herself.  She kept her eyes glued to his manhood while she rubbed it affectionately, never noticing how the car started swerving when Spike couldn’t keep his eyes open.  Leaning over to lick his ear she whispered.

“I want you, Spike… want you inside me so bad.” 

Suddenly, she found her forearms leaning against the dash for support as he slammed on the brakes and the car slid to the side of the road.  She didn’t have time to see if maybe he’d ran over an animal or perhaps they’d been in a minor accident.

There was no possible way he could continue to drive under these conditions without seriously crashing his car and killing them both.  When she licked at his lobe and filled his ear with her whispers he couldn’t take it anymore, sure that she’d said something truly naughty to him.  That’s when he made the decision to pull over.

As soon he threw the car into park he turned towards her and grabbed her by the waist, hauling her close to kiss her hard, stifling her cry of surprise.

One second she was bracing herself for some invisible impact, the next he had her struggling to breathe.  His kisses were hot, demanding, almost brutal in the way he forced his tongue inside her mouth.  Once her mind registered what was happening she responded back with equal fervor, the ache between her thighs returned, burning her with white hot intensity.   One of his hands found her right breast and groped at it desperately.  She moaned unable to get enough even after arching into his hand; she needed to feel his skin against hers… now.

He needed to slow down but couldn’t, his brain had effectively cut off all efforts to restrain his body the second she kissed him back.  Suddenly he felt himself being jerked sideways by her arms.  He opened his eyes to find her straddling his lap.  He broke the kiss and froze as she stared at him through hooded lids that said how much she wanted him too.  Reaching behind her neck, she untied the bow to her halter top and let it fall; revealing creamy white breasts framed within a bikini tan line.  Clearly she didn’t seem to care if anyone drove by and saw. 

After he latched onto one of her breasts, she clasped her hands around his head, holding him close.  He wrapped one arm around her while the other came up to cup the neglected mound.  She felt as if he were consuming her whole, his attentions switching wildly back and forth from suckling her one moment to nibbling her hardened peaks between his teeth the next.  Her hips began to rock back and forth, grinding her center into his erection.  As soon as she felt the first few stabs of his shaft and the delicious friction it created against her clit, she shuddered.  Her body wanting to cum so bad it began to spiral out of control.  

It didn’t take long to understand the fascination men had in a woman’s chest.  The smooth, plump flesh of her mounds filled his mouth and senses alike as he swirled his tongue over and around her rosy tips before worrying them with his teeth.  So rapt in what he was doing he hadn’t even noticed two cars drive by until they honked their horns in recognition of what the couple was up to.  He pulled her tight against his body wanting to shield his beautiful princess from any onlookers… she was for his eyes only.  Judging from her moans, she hadn’t even heard them; that’s when he noticed both their hips were moving in time to one another.

She pulled her hands away from his head and anchored herself by grabbing his waist.  Looking deep into his eyes she moved against him thrust for thrust.  If she’d only worn a skirt today she would have drawn his cock out and pulled her underwear aside to give them both what they wanted.  She was getting closer and closer to orgasm, shocked she could even have one while still being clothed.  She’d never been so hot for anyone like this and it drove her madder by the second, forcing her to take drastic measures.

There was no way he was going to be able to hold back, he knew it.  The heat of her center riding him in mock fornication had his eyes rolling up into the back of his head.  She was too much woman for any man to handle as she began to whimper, sending him reaching out for any thought that would prevent him from cumming.  He opened his eyes for a moment to look at her and was transfixed with what he saw.

She threw her head back and bit her lip, her tits bouncing up and down the more frantic her movements became in her body’s search for release.  She reached between them and tore at his fastenings with both hands, surprised she actually got his pants open as quick as she did.  Placing one arm on the ledge of the seat behind him, she gripped his cock with the other and began pumping him in time with her hips, angling her body to maintain as much contact between her pussy and the base of his shaft as she tried to bring him off with her.

F: “Buffy, kitten, I’m gonna cum.”  His mind went blank the second he knew she came.  He felt her body go rigid as her hips jerked back and forth, her hand stroking him even faster than before. 

“Oh God, Spike, ahhh yes!”  He sent her body spiraling head long into a state of euphoria, her pussy tingling with every spasm.  A few more tremors passed through her before she heard him begin to groan.  She saw his eyes close and felt him thrusting against her hand; his face a beautiful picture of pained and twisted ecstasy not wanting to release itself.  She understood instantly that he didn’t want to cum this way, here, in his car, in her hand.  In a quick decision, she moved with lightening speed.

When she suddenly tore her hand away he thought he’d die.  There was nothing in the world, however, that could have prepared him for the reason as to why she’d decided to let go.  Before he knew what was happening, she’d crouched into the seat next to him on her knees and wrapped her lips around his cock, one hand massaged his aching sac while the other worked the base of his shaft.  That was all it took, several blinding strokes later he came hard with a roar that could have woken the dead in all of France.  One hand gripped the steering wheel while the other found purchase on her backside.  There was no time to think where his spendings were going to fall, so when she began a swallowing motion around him and hummed, the realization she was drinking his cum coupled with the vibrations her voice sent through his body had him gripping her ass tight as he hissed out his pleasure.

Shooting stream after stream down her throat, she drank greedily until he was spent.  A normal Buffy back home in California with any of her prior boyfriends would have never dreamed of doing something like this, but Spike had awoken something in her; a craving to experience anything and everything there was to be had between a man and a woman.  Once his body went limp, she continued licking the tip of his cock while slowing the motions of her hand.  She wanted every last drop he had to offer her, his taste was delicious, all salty and all man.

The feel of her tongue darting over his sensitive head had his body jerking and twitching until she finally relented.  His ragged breaths had just begun to slow as he felt her move to tuck his softening cock back into his pants.  All he could do was sit there as she carefully zipped him up and placed a gentle kiss and a loving pat to his crotch which forced his eyes open.

Buffy was immensely proud of herself that Spike seemed pleased with what she’d done.  She hoped he couldn’t tell that she’d never done that before.  Wait a minute, on second thought, she did wish he knew, wished there was someway to tell him or convey that he’d been her first in this.  This shy boy she’d met not one hour ago had awakened a different side to her she hadn’t known existed before, a side she wanted to explore further as soon as she got him back to her place. 

When he finally came around after collecting his wits he stared at her with a huge goofy grin.  He immediately gathered her into his arms to kiss her mouth, her chin, eyes, nose and every inch of her face over and over while muttering ‘merci’ repeatedly.  He decided right then and there if he had to beg on his hands and knees or crawl over a hot bed of coals to continue seeing her through the summer he would, no two ways about it.

She giggled against the onslaught of his kisses and ‘thank you’s’.  When he finally released her she slid herself sideways onto his lap and wrapped her arms around him, snuggling into his neck.

“That was so wonderful, Spike.  But I haven’t nearly had enough of you yet.  Oh, the wicked things I’m going to do to you when I get you home.  Ahhhhhhhhh… if you only knew how much you affect me.”  She slid from his lap and fastened herself back into her seat belt.

Taking her cue, he moved over and immediately put the car into drive and took off.  He was grateful for what had happened in more ways than just the obvious.  If she hadn’t afforded that opportunity for them both to find release, he knew he would have came within seconds of being inside her, both humiliating himself and alerting her to the fact he was a virgin.  Of course it still could happen, seeing that he still had no ‘real’ idea what it felt like.  That sudden thought and the image it produced of her riding him had his manhood stirring again.  Damn, he seriously prayed he wouldn’t make a fool of himself.  He stepped on the gas and decided to speed.  Damn his hormones, and damn the beautiful vixen next to him that had them raging beyond control.

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