Living for Love

Total Chapters: 2

Buffy is back in California after spending her summer in Paris falling in love with a shy Frenchman named William. Will their long-distance love survive the test of time or will distance prove too much for them? Third and last installment of the ‘Love’ trilogy. I highly suggest reading in sequence ‘Language of Love’ then ‘Lessons in Love’ before ‘Living for Love’. PWP.

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Chapter 1: Temps Change Tout (Time Changes Everything)

Though Buffy did her best to put on a happy face during the first week she’d been home, there was one person she couldn’t fool… her mother, Joyce.

One night, when Joyce walked by her daughter’s room, she heard sniffling. Being a concerned parent, she peered through the half opened door to find Buffy hanging up the phone, her eyes puffy and red. After a long talk about love and the likelihood of long distance relationships working out, Joyce finally gave up and supported her daughter’s decision to hold onto her hope. When the first telephone statement came in however, her father was none too pleased to learn of Buffy’s involvement with a guy halfway across the world.

Hank wanted his daughter to stay focused on her studies and forget about ‘boys’ until after college. His concern only mounted, along with the outrageous cost of the phone bills, once Joyce explained the ring on Buffy’s finger, and he was fearful she would do something foolish to hang onto that love, like elope. After a heated discussion with his wife, coupled by a few threats she’d thrown his way, he promised to sit back and let nature take its course. He agreed that if they allowed Buffy to go to France periodically to see this ‘nice young man named William’, she wouldn’t dream of doing something so stupid as to get married behind their backs. As long as Hank had the final say – since he would be paying for this little romance to continue – when she could go, he conceded to his wife’s wishes to remain civil around their daughter whenever she brought William up in discussion.

The young couple’s summer of love and sexual discovery had been nothing shy of perfect. Even during times of disagreement, they weren’t able stay mad with one another for very long. Without his strong arms wrapped around her every night nor his warm smile to greet her each morning, Buffy didn’t know how she was ever going to survive the long weeks until she could see him again.

Anya was the lucky one. Both Xander and Spike were in their last year of school and once they graduated, Xander was returning to the States. He had relatives in California that he was currently making plans to stay with and find a job so he could be near Anya. Spike, on the other hand, had no way of coming to the States after finishing his studies. It was possible he could come once Xander was settled and had a place of his own, but the details were sketchy at best and they couldn’t predict the future that far out. For now, she would make plans to fly to France every chance she had a long enough break from school.

Buffy and Anya managed to secure a dorm room together despite being close enough to live at home while attending UC of Sunnydale. When they weren’t in classes or studying, both were online chatting with Spike and Xander or sharing telephone time so they could hear their boyfriends’ voices.

On occasion, when Buffy and Spike used instant messaging, he would ‘talk dirty’ to her, telling her all the things he wanted to do to her body if she were in his room right now. She was thankful Anya was out shopping during one of those times, because he had her so turned on that when she told him to ‘keep typing while I finger myself’, he typed back in all caps ‘CALL ME’.

“Hi, kitten.”

“Bonjour. Is Xander home?”

“Oui, but I’m in my room.”

“Make sure the door is locked then talk to me. I need you to make me cum, baby,” she cooed.

He smiled as he closed his laptop; he loved this wild side to his girl. “Can I cum too?”

“Only after I do,” she replied seductively. She smiled when he giggled. God, she missed him so much. She really hoped her father would let her fly to Paris during Christmas.

“I locked the door.”

“Good. Now take your pants off, lie down on the bed and start stroking that huge cock of yours.” She heard the sound of his zipper and rustling of jeans so she quickly divested her own clothing and lay down as well.

In a raspy, deep tone he asked her, “What would you like me to do to you first, Miss Buffy? Shall I, how do you say… fuck you ten different ways `til Sunday? Or, shall I bury my head between your gorgeous legs first? Eat that sweet pussy of yours `til you’re screaming my name.”

“Mmmmmmmm, I don’t care what you do, just as long as you do it.” He chuckled and asked what color underwear she was wearing. “What underwear? I gave you practically every pair I owned.”

“Now, now, that’s not true. I had to go through your suitcase right before you left in order to steal the rest.” He prided himself that she rarely wore any around him at all over the summer and that he had an entire drawer dedicated to the tiny scraps of silk and lace that she used to adorn her womanhood with.

“So I noticed, once I got home and unpacked.”

“What can I tell you baby? I’ve always been bad.”

“Don’t ever stop either.” The picture of his head tilting to the side, his scarred eyebrow raised was as clear to her as if he were here with her now.

“Whatever keeps you happy. Now,” he paused then lowered his voice to a lusty whisper. “Close your eyes and spread those tan legs of yours so I can have my way.”

“Mmmm, yes sir.” That man could make her cum from the sound of his voice alone, but she especially liked to hear him say things like this, take control, tell her what to do.

Before she got too comfortable, she quickly pulled out her planner, the one she carried with her at all times and propped it up so she could look at it while he sweet talked her into orgasm. She’d picked out her favorite picture of him, had it enlarged and taped it to the inside. One morning, right after he’d woken up, she snapped the camera without warning. The way he looked, the candid shot and the memory of their playful ‘romp’ after he scolded her was exactly the way she wanted to remember him, sex and innocence wrapped up in a sheet.

“I’m caressing your breasts now; kissing them lightly before I pull on those lovely nipples of yours with my teeth, then kiss my way down your belly and between your creamy thighs. I want to taste you.” He smiled when she moaned then commanded her. “Use one hand to play with that sensitive spot of yours and the other to fondle your breast, my love.”

“Ahhhh.” She did as he said, tweaking her nipple while her other hand found her clit, rubbing it slowly in circles. “Use that talented tongue of yours, please,” she begged.

“Oh I will, but not before I stick two fingers inside that warm, tight little hole of yours. Do that now for me, kitten. Stick two fingers inside yourself.” She gasped, letting him know she had. “Mmmm, I’m sucking on that special button of yours right now. Pumping my fingers in and out of your body, faster, faster…”

“Oh, God! Are you touching yourself right now, too?” She envisioned him taking his shaft into one hand, giving it long strokes.

“Yes, but I’m more concerned with making you cum than I am myself.” Just being able to talk to her like this, picturing her pleasuring herself had his hand moving faster and his mouth watering. “I’m going to place my mouth over you right now, start using my tongue to fuck you. I can feel your legs shaking every time I sink it deep inside. I want you to cum so badly, Miss Buffy. Want to taste your honey and tang slide down my throat.”

The rhythm of her fingers picked up and her other hand moved to join in, rubbing her hooded arousal furiously while listening. She closed her eyes, her mind envisioning his sandy locks tickling the inside of her thighs while his warm tongue plunged inside her.

“Are you getting close, my love?”

“God, yes. Oui!” It was amazing how quickly she was reaching orgasm. Any other time, when she was by herself, it took longer; but with his thick French accent and deep silky tone talking her into it, well, her body was having no problem getting to where it needed to be.

“Good. I love it when you tug on my hair, pull my face against you. Can you do that for me? Pull me closer to your heaven… cum in my mouth.”

“Ohhh, ahhhh, SPIKE!” That did it. Her body stiffened, fingers busy while her thighs trembled and hips rose off the bed.

“That’s it, kitten. You look so beautiful right now, taste so good…” Wow, he had to pat himself on the back for this one. He never would have guessed he’d have her cumming so quickly. Behind closed lids his mind saw her tiny body quivering under his mouth, her pretty face twisting in ecstasy. God he loved her, missed her, longed to hold her again in his arms. The desperate need he felt for her physical presence overwhelmed him. He’d sell his very soul just to be there in her room right now. He prayed everyday that she would be able to come back to France during winter break, that her father would let her. He needed to see her again, needed her like the desert needs the rain, to drink in her beauty with his thirsting eyes.

She sighed heavily. However gratifying that was, it was nothing compared to having the real thing. She still had a couple more months to go before she might be able to see him and it may as well be two years the way each day felt like a month spent apart from him.


“Yes, Miss Buffy?”

“I want to suck your cock now. Will you let me?”

Oh shit! Would he let her? Silly girl, like he could ever say no to such a request.

“Do you want to fuck my mouth or…” she whispered low and sultry, “Would you rather fuck my wet pussy?”

“Christ! You know I’d never say no to your sweet lips wrapped around me, but I want to be inside of you.”

“Mmmm, I’d like that to. Come here, baby. Make your way up my body so I can spread my legs and let you in. Can you feel it? Can you feel my hand on you now? Guiding you, your thick shaft sliding in so my body can squeeze it, teasing you?”

Boy could he ever.

“Take me, Spike. Take me hard. Not because I want you to… because YOU want to.”

F: “Yes, want to fuck you hard, fast.” His breathing picked up along with the pace of his hand. “Going to shove my cock so deep inside you. Unhh. Over and over until I cum so hard you can taste it, kitten.” Wedging the phone between his cheek and shoulder, he used both hands on his aching member, grunting to his fantasy and her words.

Listening to him speak in his native tongue sent shivers of desire dancing across her skin, sinking deep inside her belly to swell with renewed need. She learned early on, that whenever he resorted to French, he was lost to his lust. She swore he didn’t know when he did that until she would ask him later for a translation, which by the way always led to more sex.

“That’s it, give it to me. I can take it, I need it. Want you to fill me up.” Her fingers went back to work on herself, striving along with her lover to find release.

F: “I love you so much, baby. Want you back here, with me. My body loving yours… every night.” He was near to cumming, but the emotions he felt whenever they’d made love in the past were always the same, spilling forth even into this moment and at this distance. They could be talking dirty, be rutting like animals in heat the entire time, but his heart and soul were always present. He gave them to her with every satisfying thrust, reveling in the knowledge she belonged only to him.

“Oooo, I’m almost there. Ahhh, I can feel you, uhnn, pounding… inside me. Faster, I need it faster.” Beads of sweat broke across her forehead, her hips pumping against her fingers. “I’m close, so close now. Cum for me, Spike, cum inside…”

Hearing her high pitched mewls, knowing she was experiencing another orgasm sent his need pulsing through him to shoot out in streams across his stomach. Low growls of pleasure soon joined her keening wail of ecstasy to sing a duet of mutual satisfaction.


The bashful side of William had all but disappeared by summer’s end. Buffy’s love made his self-confidence soar, bringing out the true man inside that lay hidden until she entered his life. He never looked at things the same way again as this newer version of himself projected a persona of indifference if it didn’t relate to Buffy or school.

Early in the first semester, a new student arrived from the British Isles, having transferred to finish her last year in France with a position as student aide in Spike’s English language class. He paid her no attention when the dark beauty approached him as he was walking out the door. Placing a hand on his arm, she spoke in an odd, almost riddle-like fashion that had him thinking she was beyond loony. He was about to tell her to get lost when she made reference to Buffy as “… the light of your summer that crossed the skies, taking your sunshine away to the west. She owns your heart as surely as you bought hers for the price of a pearl and a promise…’.

“Tsk, tsk,” she chided as he yanked his arm from her grip, “`M here to part your dark clouds I am. Reveal the path across your ocean.” She tugged on his arm to come talk with her some more.

As she ranted on, he wondered if perhaps she had some psychic ability because the unnerving descriptions she gave, of what ‘surrounded’ him, hinted too closely at Buffy. She kept talking as they walked the halls and out the doors of the university about his ‘physical façade that no longer mirrored the man beneath his skin’. Xander joined in the conversation and was just as baffled about her jumbled words as his friend was.

“What are you, some sort of clairvoyant?” Xander asked as they sat on the grass under a tree.

“Pixies, but call it what you will so long as you heed their message. They only speak if there is something to say. When they saw you,” she looked to William. “They screamed in my ear like a pack of banshees they did. Hurt mummy’s head and wouldn’t stop.” She pouted and rubbed her temples.

“Oooooookay. So what do you, ahem, the pixies have to say?” Again, Xander thought the whole thing was ridiculous. Sure, some things she’d said seemed to reference Buffy, but the girl was clearly off her rocker.

She smiled slyly at them both and placed a finger over her lips to ‘shoosh’ them then closed her eyes. For nearly a minute she swayed back and forth, her hands twirling to some melody only he could hear before stopping suddenly, her eyes opening wide, landing on William.

“Spike!” he exclaimed and laughed at William’s look of surprise.

“How did you know?”

“Mummy knows othing, it’s the pixies. They Qay you must shed your clothes and shade your hair. Then you shall be Spike both outside and in He knows how to bridge the gap over the raging seas that sepaate your soul from your heart.”

“So, what you’re saying is Spike has to get naked and wear a hat and THAT will help him get to California?”


“The answer is no, Buffy and that’s final.” Her father stomed out of the living room, leaing his wife behind to clean up the mess of tears he’d left in his wake. Though she hadn’t asked to go to France until now, there was no way Hank was going to allow her to spend Christmas away from family. Joyce agreed with her husband on this one even as she consoled her sobbing daughter.

“Buffy, honey. Holidays are supposed to be spent with family. There’s nothing saying you can’t go during your next beak to see William.” She hugged her tight, sighing when Buffy’Q shoulders’ shook from her sobs. In a trembling voice Buffy explained she didn’t ask to go up until now so that she could be allowed to spend those two weeks with William, that spring break was too far away.

“He doesn’t want me to be with William. He’s never going to let me go is he?” Wiping the tears from her face, she folded her hands in her lap and looked to her mother.

“It’s not that he doesn’t want to see you happy, sweetheart. He’s worried, like any father would be over his little girl getting her heart broken if things don’t work out over time.” She patted her hands reassuringly. “You’ll be able to go for spring break, I promise. He won’t say no when he hears what I’ll do to him if he tries, okay?” She spoke in soothing tones until her last statement, smiling to help lighten the mood. Buffy nodded and threw her arms back around her mother.

The promise didn’t make her feel any better. To add several more months to her already long wait was going to drive her insane. Her mind was already scheming of ways to get William to come here. She could use her Christmas allowance and claim it’s what she wanted. Her father might be furious, but after Hank discovered Spike would be staying in her dorm room, she was sure her father would insist that he stay at the family’s estate. That’s what she wanted to happen. After they met him, got to know him better, they would see. They would see how special he was and how much they loved each other. Surely that would put her parents at ease.

“I have to go back to the dorm, Mom. I’ve got a paper to finish before tomorrow’s history class.” She suddenly felt a whole lot better about having a plan. So what if she wasn’t going to be allowed to go to France? If she could bring Spike here, at least they would be together again. That’s all that mattered. She wanted to phone him right away, so she excused herself early instead of staying for the ritual, Sunday family dinner.

Little did she know that her plan would never be realized.


“Kitten, please don’t cry, you know how that makes me feel. If there were anyway I could get out of my holiday commitment to my family I would, you know that. Please, baby, please don’t cry.” He ran a hand through his platinum locks, wishing more than anything that he hadn’t lied to her.

They talked a few more minutes before he said he had to go, that there were things he needed to do before going to class. As soon as he hung up, he grabbed his long, black leather duster and looked towards his guest that still sat patiently on his couch waiting for him.

F: “You ready?” He took her hand and placed a chaste kiss to it.

“Oh yes, the pixies are most ready. We will have such fun my Spike.” She cackled on the way out of his apartment. Xander sat there watching the pair smile at one another, shaking his head disapprovingly.

A/N: I’m ducking now from the stoning I’m sure to receive, lol. Yes, I’m playing evil, but as always… trust me. I realize this is a completely different angle than that of the prequels, but look beneath the surface a little harder and you just may figure out my ploy. It is and will be spuffy, much sooner than you think.

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