By Rook or By Crook

Sometimes, no matter how fast you run, your past always manages to catch up to you. It’s 1940, and the streets of Manhattan are the last place on earth ex-hitman William Rook ever expected to find himself again. But one last job has demanded he return, a job that pushes him directly into the path of a certain blonde chanteuse named Buffy Summers, and nothing will ever be the same again…for either of them…

Promise of Frost

When a snowstorm strands Buffy and Spike, they are forced to turn to each other for strength, especially when a missing Giles, mysterious visitors, and way too much magic threatens to turn it into a not so very merry Christmas.

This Wanton World

Los Angeles, 2003. For the first time since she was Chosen, Buffy’s back in town. She never planned to return, but someone else had a different idea. This time, though, she comes with purpose, and power, and an assassin hot on her heels. She just hopes that this time…she doesn’t die.

A Symphony of Echoes

Sequel to Legions of True Hearts. A confused Buffy is trying to get on with her life, but Spike’s promise to stand by her haunts the Slayer. Her past collides with her future, forcing her to decide which—and who—she can trust.

A Stone’s Throw From Yesterday

The Hellmouth has been destroyed for three years, and the Scoobies have scattered, continuing their fight against the evils of the world. In the Egyptian desert, a man hears a tortured plea for help. It’s just a shame he doesn’t recognize his own voice.

A Soul to Seduce

When Buffy finds out Spike’s alive, she shows up in Los Angeles to demand answers, only to find herself immediately immersed in a web of deceit and betrayal. Who to trust becomes the million dollar question, and her life turns into a race to solve it. Before it’s too late for everyone.