Buffy tries unsuccessfully to reach Acathla before Angelus does and finds common ground with Spike instead. Originally written for the Spuffy Kinkathon, Contains S2 Spike and Buffy, locked in a confined space with no way to escape over a longish period of time, plus some H/C, snark, chocolate and no Wussy!Spike.

A Day Out

Early summer after Season 4. Buffy decides to spend a cloudy day at the mall, only to discover that a certain annoying, hyperactive, peroxide vampire had the same idea. Much wackiness ensues.

On the Dial of Time

Post NFA. A heartbroken Buffy takes a small vacation in the English countryside to reflect on her loss and mourn a souled vampire’s passing. Joyce has other ideas and cajoles the Powers into providing a solution.


Buffy and Spike have recently split up and are trying to move on with their lives. Will they succeed in moving on or can Dawn bring them back together again?

A New Bird

What if Ford had hit Buffy a little harder? First scene completely taken from Lie to Me then pretty much AU after that, with a line or two of dialogue pinched here and there – you’ll recognize them. Also, the gang never showed up at the Sunset Club (Gang meaning Angel, etc.)

The Island of Galleno

The moment that Spike finally has Buffy he is vamp-napped by Riley and a new officer, Jack Marshall and sent to the Island of Galleno by the Moroccan coast were all the leftovers of the Initiative are being placed. Buffy frantically looks for Spike but gets news that he was ‘accidentally killed’ by Jack, who decides to make Sunnydale his residence. The whole thing is Spike trying to get back to Sunnydale and Buffy thinking he’s dead. It’s filled with exotic places, tons of Original Characters, mysticism, enchantment, magic and love. It takes him years to find out who he is before he can find the one he loves.


When Buffy finds herself assaulted after a Lowell House party with no memory of what happened, she turns to an unlikely ally to help put the pieces together and find the person who raped her. (Takes place after “A New Man.”)