Intimate Strangers

Alternate Season 7. Starts a few days after Grave. Spike returns to Sunnydale ensouled and ready to die, but as usual his plan doesn’t work so well.


Set directly after the events of Same Time, Same Place. Buffy realizes that she’s probably left Spike in the basement for too long and hauls him out. Her attempts to get the First to stop tormenting him don’t go quite as planned, however. Then again, when do spells on the Hellmouth ever work right?

Broken Souls

When Buffy runs into Spike in the basement of the new Sunnydale High, she doesn’t know what to think, or how to react…is there a chance for two broken souls to find healing together? I suck at summaries, but I think you’ll like this piece! It’s a b-day present for my dear friend Tamakin, who requested crazy!Spike H/C with a gentler Buffy and some Dawn/Spike friendship thrown in 🙂 Hope you all enjoy 🙂