Thank you for coming to visit! After a few years down, a revised version of Nocturnal Light is coming back online. It is work in progress as all of the stories have to be re-added, but slowly and surely, all stories previously available on Nocturnal Light will once again be published here. Note that as some stories were very long, they were broken down into several posts. Use the tag for the story to find all associated posts!

Latter Days

Set post-Chosen. After the Slayers are activated, the balance between good and evil is disturbed, and the Scoobies are flung to the far corners of the world to respond to the crisis. In the midst of all of this, will they be able to keep their relationships strong? Or will they be divided by circumstances and torn apart by fate? Follows my short story Yesterday.

Hoping’s Very Fears

Spike stops a warlock’s spell, inadvertently getting himself into deep trouble. Will Buffy be able to accept the changes in him? And what are they going to do about Glory?