All That Heaven Allows

Total Chapters: 10

Buffy and Spike get kidnapped by an underground demon society to be sold for profit in an Auction. As the plot thickens so does their relationship.

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“Uncertain and Afraid

As the clever hopes expire

Of a low dishonest decade:

Waves of anger and fear

Circulate over the bright

And darkened lands of the earth”

taken from: “September 1, 1939” by W.H. Auden


(June 27, @ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil )

“Sabah al-hayr!” the man in the black Armani suit said as he entered the conference room.

The twelve pair of eyes watched him carefully, with suspicion and anticipation. He strolled confidently into the room and sat on the large wine leather chair at the head of the long table. He turned to them with a confident smile on his face, a smile that made them shudder at his malignant capabilities.

All stayed quiet waiting to hear the reason they had all been called. He crossed his legs at the knee, like an educated and rich man would and propped his elbows on the arms of the chair, bringing his hands together in a self-assured grasp. All the while keeping the smile on his face and studying the personalities before him. He knew that although not the eldest in the room, he was the most powerful, and richest for that matter.

“I know you are all wondering why you have been called here.” he said slowly with his Russian accent.

He waited.

No one answered.

It was expected.

“Lets get straight to business then.”

His secretary came up behind him and respectfully gave him a control remote. He pressed a button pointing at the other end of the table.

A screen was lowered for the viewing pleasure of all in the room.

“I want to do something different this time.” he said amused with himself.

All eyes were still focused on him, he had not given them permission to do other wise.

“As you all know and are aware of, the Auction is coming up soon.” he said pointing towards the screen that had produced an image of an enclosed coliseum.

All eyes went to the screen, he had given them permission to do so.

“This time we will hold the Auction in Luxor, Egypt.” he smiled. “A little town away from human civilization, most property and businesses owned by the ancient bloodline of Habu.”

He clicked the button again bringing another picture to the site, it was a close up of an ancient temple.

“This is the Medinet, owned by the Habu family,….here it will held.”

There were several skeptics in the room, they all knew the ancient bloodline of Habu, and the ones that knew about it did not trust the demon family.

“Pardon my intrusion, Moa Kapitan.” a voice said.

All eyes fleeted towards the voice. The young man who was probably in his late twenties, and very confident about himself.

Roderick, at the end of the table smiled inwardly. The boy had courage, he thought to himself.

“Speak” he said.

He stood up slowly but surely, he knew that any show of intimidation would be frowned upon. “Sire, I thought Hadi Habu died last year, Moa Kapitan.” He sat down looking directly at Roderick.

“Yes, of course, Lawrence.” Roderick said smiling at the courage the young demon had.

Just like his father . He thought.

“Hadi Habu, died last year, and his title is being carried by the ‘Twins of the Prophecy’, Kamilah and Sethos Habu.” he said ignoring the small gasps that went throughout the room as The Twins of Prophecy was mentioned.

They all knew the prophecy, and they were all afraid. This was predicted to happen once in a millennia, and this was the first mention of the birth of the twin demons.

“Their birth and livelihood has been kepted a secret for twenty years now.” he continued, amused with himself and the power he had over these ‘powerful’ people. “Sethos is now the righteous prince of the region, and he will be our host for the Auction. The lovely Princess Kamilah will be our hostess.” he said looking squarely at all the inhabitants of the room.

There was silence.

“Well, without further disruptions I will continue with he matter at hand.”

He rose the control to the screen and clicked the button again to reveal a picture of an old man, maybe in his eighties. His eyes were dark with knowledge and wisdom. There was a peace around him that captivated the viewer. He was a wiseman.

“Qaletaqa,” Roderick said studying the picture. “The wise man of the east, presumed dead for ten years now, but found alive hiding in the mountains of Kunklun in China.” he said “He should fetch a good price, a couple of millions maybe.”

There were several nods in the table and some small smiles with desire of the possession of the old man.

He clicked the button again and a picture of two men, all dressed in black appeared. They looked around the same age, 30’s, one had thick straigth black hair that he had grown down to his waist and it was neatly combed back and wrapped at the nape of his neck. The other had curly brown hair that blended with his darker long beard. There were several gasp at the recognition of the two immortals.

“Khalid and Jabari.” he said. “The immortal Arabic warriors, both almost three hundred years old, both being collected as we speak. “

Some faces paled, many wanted to warn Roderick that there was no way to kill immortals, unless the killer was immortal, but they realized Roderick had no intention of killing any of his prisoners, profit was the name of the game and this pair was going to bring a hefty amount.

Roderick waited to see if anyone would comment on the immortal prospects and was satisfied when his authority was not challenged.

Good, they finally accepted who the Master is . He thought. I’ll deal with Lawrence later .

He clicked through various others, some were demons of rarity, others were humans that held high political power, others were royalty, others were outlaws.

The moment had come to show the ‘special’ pair that would be Auctioned together. This was to be the central attraction of the entire event that lasted for weeks.

Roderick smiled anticipating their reactions to the surprise. He stood and walked closer to the screen.

The occupants were stiff with fear, they all knew that the best came first, and the last was the highlight. The last was always the guarantee that the event would either be a success or a failure.

He clicked the button.

Up came a picture of two figures. The first figure was a young man, not too tall, lean and well built, with handsome features, a sharp jaw that represented character, and fiery blond-white hair. He was smoking a cigarette, leaning against a tree looking at the other figure. He was dressed from head to toe in black, a long leather duster covering his figure. He was smirking, as if the world did not amuse him.

The figure with him was a young girl, maybe twenty years of age. She had cascading unnatural blonde hair, sharp green eyes, and a stubborn posture. She was extremely petite, showing off her curvy figure with tight black pants and a low cut blue shirt that enhanced her breast. She was holding a stake in her hand, menacing the man she was standing in front of. She seemed irritated and mad at the look the peroxide blonde was giving her.

“Born William Renthrop, AKA. William the Bloody, AKA. Spike, AKA. Childe of Angelus, the scourge of Europe, AKA. Master Vampire.” Roderick said staring intently at the picture. “One of the greatest fighters of the old clans, known as the Slayer of the Slayers. Age: Over two hundred years old.”

He turned to face the shocked room.

“One problem, that will not be a problem for long,……..about six months ago he was captured by the American government, a branch known as the ‘Initiative’, and was inserted with a computer chip that prevents him from hurting any human. So with his canines cut, he joined forces with the one and only…” he pointed at the girl “Slayer” he said.

The room gasped audibly at this and low murmurs started to be heard in the room.

Roderick smiled.

The last time a Slayer had been captured was two hundred years ago, and she had escaped before they were able to sell her. It also cost the life of two master vampires and several powerful royals, so the Slayers were never considered for the Auction.

“Don’t you think you are playing in dangerous grounds here, Roderick?” a stern voice asked. “The Slayer is protected by the Powers and here on earth, by the Council of Watchers, I am sure even you would not welcome their wrath for a couple of millions.”

Roderick waited for Ramona Calderon to finish.

He had expected the demon to protest against the Slayer, and the proper precautions had been taken. He again pressed a different button on the control and the door immediately flew open, and two large guards, who were clearly anything but human, came in and dragged a screaming Calderon out of the room.

The rest of the spectators watched in horror as the four hundred year old Manic demoness was hauled to her execution.

“There now” said Roderick when the doors had shut again and it was silent once more. “Yes, I thought about the council getting a bit pissed off that we would take their jewel, but after some adequate negotiations Buffy Anne Summers was promised for the Auction.”

He turned to one of the men who were sitting on the table.

The man had remained silent and unammused by the current happenings.

He looked up at Roderick and nodded. “Yes, of course, her time has come.” Quentin Travers said. The council representative kepted a stern face showing his disgust with the rebellious Slayer.

Roderick smiled.

“Excellent, thank you Mr. Travers.” he walked back to his leather seat, and got comfortable looking back up at the expectant faces of the men and women. “When I say a party, I guarantee a party.” he smiled.

“I suggest all of you hold to your end of the bargain and I am sure things will run their smooth course with due time.”

He smiled as the bodies started to stand up. “Lawrence, my boy, come here.”

The handsome, dark haired man walked nervously towards Roderick. “Moa Kapitan?” he asked bowing his head slightly in sigh of reverence.

Roderick studied him for a moment. He was definitely handsome, strong set jaw, tall-about 6’2, and clear green eyes that were very much expressive. His shoulders were broad and sculpted underneath his navy silk suit that the Master admired. His hair was smoothly combed back with gel and he was clearly noted to be of Italian decent.

“How old are you now Maltevilla?” he asked studying the man carefully.

“Just turned twenty-six.” he said respectfully. He did not fidget, not an inch, no movements, just posing before the coveted power.

“Twenty-six?” Roderick repeated.

Lawrence nodded.

“You have strong character, like your father before you.”

He nodded in thanks.

“How”s the family business?” Roderick asked. But not interested at all.

Lawrence held his breath, he knew to get in, one must prove oneself. “Are you really interested, sir?”

Roderick smiled, he liked this boy, he had balls of brass.

“Good show, Maltevilla.” he paused “I have a special project for you, do you think you can handle it?” he asked cautiously.

“Whatever pleases, Moa Kapitan.” Lawrence said without hesitation. His demon inside rejoicing at the opportunity.

“The Slayer.” Roderick said pointing at the still up picture of Buffy and Spike. “She’s beautiful, no?”

Lawrence looked at the petite blonde and had to truly agree. The girl was gorgeous and if she wasn’t a Slayer he wouldn’t have given a second thought of showing his interest.

“Yes, sir, very beautiful.”

Roderick smiled as he watched the young man stare at her appreciatively.

“Good.” he said and Lawrence looked back at the now standing figure. “What I need for you to do is simple.” He said smiling.

Roderick went on to tell the younger man his responsibility.

Lawrence was ecstatic, this was the simplest and most enjoyable assignment Roderick had ever had him do. He would have done it without him even asking.

Chapter 1: In the Beginning, We Were Two

Chapter Notes: The lyrics are “A Stroke of Luck” by Garbage.


Hanging by threads of palest silver

I could have stayed that way forever

Bad blood and ghosts wrapped tight around me

Nothing could ever seem to touch me

I lose what I love most

Did you know I was lost until you found me?


(July 4 -11 PM, @ Sunnydale, CA)

“You could’ve at least helped!” Buffy screamed at him.

Her hair was rumpled and her jeans were ripped at the butt crack. She was furious.

He smirked at her.

“Look at my jeans! Look at my hair!” she continued. “All you did was stand there, like the corspe you are!”

Pointing her stake at his heart, he looked disconcerned at her threat.

“And miss the look on your face when your knickers became exposed?” Spike asked looking at her mischievously. ” ‘Sides, teach you to wear clothing that tight, you looked cramped as it was, should welcome de’ release.”

She waved her hands in the air in exasperation.

“I have a DATE!” she screamed. “And you knew it, cause I told you I din’t want to get dirty! And,…..and,……and you stood there while I got the shit beat out of me by the 10 foot demon!!”

‘Cor, she’s beautiful when she’s angry and dirty. He thought smiling.

“What I am going to tell Rieley when he comes to my door and I look like I got struck down and beaten?” she asked pacing.

“You were struck down and beaten, pet.” he said lighting a cigarette.

“Because of you! You, you, you…”

“You… what Slayer? Spit it out!” he said exasperated. “I did NOT volunteer in this bleedin’ assigment, I told you very clear that I was not going to fight a fungus demon, but YOU dragged my arse out here against my will.”

“You asshole!!” she cried. He was the only man in the face of this planet that could get her as upset as she was in that moment. “You did it on purpose! You perstiferous Brit!”

“Whatever makes you feel better, Slayer” he paused and looked at her infuriating green eyes that were clouded with anger. “Can we go now?”

“ARGHHH!!!!” she screamed leaving him behind.

He watched her walk away staring very appreciatively at her shaking ass that was ripped to expose soft flesh and red stringy lace thong. He felt his shaft harded and groaned.

She heard him and turned around realizing she was exposing her butt right at his face. Then looked at the bulge in his pants and gasped.

“You perv!” she screamed. “Give me your coat.” she demanded.

“What? NO!!!” he said slightly embarresed that she had caught his errection.

“You were looking!” she said stirnly.

“Well, you had your arse in my face.” he said wrapping his coat tightly around himself.

There was no way that he was shedding his coat to save her face. ‘Sides, mate, not a bad view.

“I did…..whatever, Spike, I said give me your coat.” she said holding out her hand.

“No bleedin’ way!” he said aggravated. “Tis’ not my problem.”

“In about three seconds it’s gonna be your problem!” she cried. “And let me not get started on how you stood by while a nearly got massacred.”

“Slayer, don’t give me empty threats, and don’t acuse me for your lack of ability to handle your calling properly.”

That was it! She had hit his last nerve. How dare she even think that he was some wipped nancy-boy like his Sire or even Captain Peanut, who wagged behind her like a freggin’ lap dog? He held his point.

“Spike, you give me that coat right now or I swear to God I’ll make flyers and put them on every bar and every crypt saying how Spike’s chipped and is helping the Slayer destroy his own kind.” she said slowly but menacingly.

He walked closer to her.

“You wouldn’t dare.” he said glarring at her.

“Try me.” she stated. Her lips were flat and hard with anger.

They stood there looking at each other, with daggers in thier eyes.

“FINE!!” he said, finally giving up.

There was no way he could loose the last bit of his reputation. He took his coat off and shoved it at her.

“And they say you can’t bargain with a devil.” she said accepting his coat and covering up her embarassment.

The soft leather fit her a bit big, but it smelled of cigarettes and him.

At least my ass isn’t showing . She thought.

He was furious.

“C’mon, you have to pick up the box Mom left for you at home and I have a date to improvise for.” She said as if nothing had happened and started walking towards her home.

He followed her, looking at how nice she fit in his duster. “Yeah we really wouldn’t want to disappoint Captain’ Peanuts.” he said sarcastically trying to cover the slight jealousy he got from imagining Buffy in the Slug’s arms.

“Jeaulous much?” she asked teasingly.

A stroke of luck or a gift from God?

The hand of fate or devil’s claws?

From below or saints above?

You came to me

“You’d want me to, wouldn’t you, luv?” He asked trying to cover his true desires by placing the situation into their very well rehersed cat and dog ruotine.

YES!!, he wanted her,……..ever since that blasted spell. It was all Red’s fault and he didn’t know whether to kill the bint or to thank her.

He knew that once he had her in his arms there was no turning back, and all those feelings that had been hidding, yet growing, throughout the years he had known her, had all spontaneously combusted that one day when they were’engaged’.

Did she feel the same?

Probably not.

Who would…after the Angel episode? He too would stay clear of vampires, if he were her. But he wasn’t her, he was a souless demon who didn’t have a soul but loved with all his undead heart.

The pain of Drusilla sometimes re-surfaced but it would be driven to a simmer at the thought of Buffy and the memories of how happy he had made her that day. She had smiled, to him, at him, for him. He was the cause of that smile, and even if it was a spell, even if it were for a couple of hours, even if it was manipulated, it was all for him

Yes, they acted like love-sick school children, but it felt wonderful. He remembered that they thought the world was going to end, yet he was ok, because she was with him, because he had her by his side.

Eversince that day she was his illusion, his desire. He had memorized her face completely.

Everytime he saw her with Rieley it hurt him. More than what words could describe. Because all he had to do was picture that day, when it was him, that one sweet day were the twinkle in her green eyes was all for him and no one else.

That’s when he truly knew that he was a souless demon, because he was selfish, because he wanted her entirely, and was not going to accept that he could never have her. He had come to one unavoidable conclusion; she must either love him or die.

He couldn’t take the thought of her bouncing around, pretending life was bloody wonderful while he was deteriorating inside, his dead organs were crumbling with need of her, a taste of her, the feel of her.

Again, if Red had not done the bloody spell it wouldn’t be this bad, but because he already knew unconditional love from her and to her…there was no turning back.

Here comes the cold again

I feel it closing in

It’s falling down and

All around me falling

“Hello!!! Are you even listening to me?” Buffy asked exasperated, looking at him.

He hadn’t realized that he had stoped walking in the real earth and had gone off wondering into Buffy-Brooding land. He had to stop this or he was going to run into his Sire one of these days.

“You’re doing this on purpose, I kn…”

“BLOODY HELL, WOMAN!!!! Would you shut yer’ bleedin’ trap.” he roared interrupting her , walking pass her towards her house.

He knew that he had snapped at her, but what the hell was a man supposed to do? There she was looking sexy and messy and to top it off he had seen the rip in her pants that showed her golden skin, and to top all of that she was burried in HIS coat, all snuggly and warm.

“Hey! What the hell is YOUR problem?” she said clearly pissed off at his sudden change of behavior.

“My Problem?” he asked not looking at her or stopping.

“Yes, your problem.”

“My problem is…..oh fuck it all to hell, woman.” he had reached his last string and he could tell so had she.

That was the problem. Both were stubborn as a mule, both had short tempers, both were impatient, both hated to wait, both needed action to feel alive, both had been hurt too deeply by love to ever love truly and completely again.

They were both passionate creatures, because both knew they were the best at what they did. Both lived with death knocking at their doors, and both had lived the majority of their lives with power over others. To surrender that power was to be weak for the first time in their life.

She was born to kill him, and he had to kill her to survive.

“OK, Spike, I don’t know what has crawled it self up your ass and died, but I know this; I NEED to get home because in case you have failed to hear my ‘yap’ I happen to have a DATE!!!!!” she screamed.

She didn’t know what was bothering him and she certaintly was not going to act like she actually cared. Because she didn’t. He was completely the most rude person that she had ever met. She stomped to her house snuggling in his coat and unconsciously drinking in his smell. She shrugged the feelings off her head, she was not going to be bait for that trap again.

You say that you’ll be there to catch me

Or will you only try to trap me

These are the rules I make

Our chains were meant to break

You’ll never change me

There he was all confident and cocky. Smoking his cigarettes, that were repulsing, with that tight black shirt and those tight black pants.

She growled.

She hated him, the sight of him, the smell of him, the thought of him. She should just stake him and save herself the misery of having to work with him, walking next to her late night roundevoux, she hated it.

This was all HIS fault! How dare he! YUK!!! Looking all pissed, his cheekbones accented.

Why din’t Riley’s cheekbones accent themselves? Why din’t Rieley wear all black?

Oh right because you’re dating Riley, not Spike. She told herself. And why the hell would you want to date Spike anyways?……….Its not like you could take him anywhere.

They din’t speak to each other, the cloud of tension was too much to bear, they were afraid they would tell each other something they would regret. When they were a few blocks from her house it started to pour down rain.

That’s right, the night couldn’t get any worst.

Both charged at full speed to her house. By the time they got there, it was hopeless, they were drenched.

Her hair clung to her face and the little mascara she was wearing had smudged underneath her eyes, making it seem like she has cried her eyes out. Her lips were pale and trembling and she was sniffling wildly.

Great all I need is a cold! She thought.

She turned to look at him, once they went through the front door.

He looked eatable. All wet, his thin black T-shirt hugged his muscular lean chest, outlinning his perfect six pack and his well defined biceps. His jeans clung to his tight legs and the definition of his well-endowed ass was visible. His hair was soaked falling lazily on his forehead. He looked paler than usual and his eyelashes seemed heavy over his blue eyes.

Don’t ask me why

Don’t even try

She had to restrain herself from reaching out to comb his bleached hair out from his forehead. To control herself she didn’t move.

They continued to stare at each other neither saying a word, both wet, both upset with sexual frustration. It was too much to bear, the silence was blinding.

“Slayer,……you’re shivering.” He said noticing her trembling lips and her hands tightly grasping the top of his coat.

She broke the trance and noticed her shaking body, quivering out of need from the frozen coolness that ran through her body.

He moved towards her worried that she might get a cold in all her wet clothes. “Pet, why don’t you go change?” he said gently. “You have a date, remember?” Trying to hide the bitterness of his voice at the thought of her in peanut’s arms.

“Date,….Riley,…” She murmured to herself. “Oh my God I have a date!” she suddenly realized.

Shit! What the hell was she thinking, Riley was going to show up any minute and she couldn’t go to the Bronze looking like this!!

“Yes, with your boyfriend, remember?” he asked almost amuzed at how easily she had forgotten corn-on-the-cob boy. “Go change. And get me my box so I can leave you alone.”

She diggested his words.

“Ok, wait here, the box is upstairs.” she turned from him, still wrapped tightly in the soft leather, that even thought it was wet it smelled of him,…..and that somehow warmed her.

The phone wrung loudly. Both jumped startled by the loud intrusion.

“Hello?” she asked into the receiver.”Oh hi Riley…….yeah, I know the rain……yeah I got caught in it…….you’re sure?…….no, I don’t mind…, don’t worry about it……yeah, it’s just that I got wet and I’m cold……yeah that’s a good idea… I’ll be fine, I’ll just make myself some soup or hot cocoa and dive for the bed……don’t be silly I’ll be fine….ok then, I’ve gotta go…..Riley……I said don’t worry about it…..I’ll see you tomorrow….ok….miss ya……me too…..bye now….ok..bye.” she hung up the phone and wondered in to the living room were she knew Spike was at.

A stroke of luck or a gift from God?

The hand of fate or devil’s claws?

From below or saints above?

You came to me

Here comes the cold again

I feel it closing in

It’s falling down and

All around me fallin

She dropped the phone when she found a half naked, wet Spike trying to dry himself up. He got startled and turned to face her. She was sure her face had given her away.

She was definetly salivating.

He was gorgeous. All chiselled and pale, but a beautiful pale, he was lean and looked like a copy of David. All confused, she wanted to throw her arms around his neck and satisfy the burning sensation growing between her legs.

Oh Shit . Was all she could come up with, all her mind saw was chest, abs, arms, neck, back, ass.

“Slayer….you’re still shakin’ like a leef.” he said noticing her admiration for his body. “And you dropped the phone.”

And he scores! Taking the shirt off was a winner, mate! He thought happily to himself.

“Yeah, I am gonna go change,….and then I am gonna give you coat,…..and…” she knew she had something else to do but her mind was doing the limbada without her.

“da’ box?” he asked. This is too much, she was babling!

“Yes!! Of course, BOX, you want your box, the one my mother left for you, with things, inside the box, and its yours, its upstairs in my mom’s room, your box, that is, and now I am a shivering rambling slayer who is about to catch a cold in her own living room.

What the hell? It’s only Spike! She said to herself.

“Luv, why don’t you change, take your time, I’ll be fine, I can wait.” he said trying to ignore the bulge in his pants at the thought of her getting nervous around her.

“I’ll be back, I’ll…..mmmm,….there might be a shirt that’s dry so you can change in to something dry.” she said.

And so I can regain my motor skills. GOD! Riley is definetely NOT like THAT! OK, good thoughts about boyfriend who actually cares about you and doesn’t have chiselled chest……Run….upstairs…..NOW.

She bolted up the stairs shivering in cold and embarrassment.

“Thanks!” he screamed watching her flush further and run in humiliation. Maybe hunting this fungus demon was an idea sent from Lucifer himself!

Falling, falling

Falling, falling

Falling, falling


Spike paced downstairs waiting for Buffy to change into something warm and comfortable. He overheard her talking with the whelp and it was apparent that the date was cancelled.

Good. He thought

He knew at a certain point he was being unfair to her. She really did deserve a happy life in the sun,….but then again, he was a selfish-souless demon who wanted to hump her against the closest wall.

The rain outside was getting heavier and windier. He was loathing going out there to his crypt.

Maybe she had an umbrella he could borrow, he knew asking her to stay here for the night was pushing it. After all, her mum was not home. She had told him Joyce had left that morning to San Francisco for a very important purchase.

So here he was with a shivering, naked Slayer just a few steps from him and he couldn’t do anything.

The fates were really paying him back for centuries of shameless tortures and killings.

He was sitting on the love seat, resting his forearms to his knees when he felt it. Something was wrong.

He stood up and started smelling the air. But the rain had drenched any possibility of tracking the sensation. He frowned when the lights went off.

Yep, something was definelty wrong.

He stood up abruptly walking towards the kitchen to look out the window. When out of the corner of his eye he saw a moving shadow. It was brief but he knew he had not immagined it.

It was almost as if a dark cloud had settled itself around the house, trapping them inside. He thought quickly and grabbed the phone.

The line was dead.

“Slayer!” he screamed. “Get down here!”

Buffy felt the sensation right before the lights went off. Something was wrong, her Slayer senses screamed it. She quickly got dressed and was slipping on her shoes when she heard Spike scream for her.

Yes, something was terribly wrong, he sounded too worried.

Spike down stairs had a two second warning when all the windows in her kitchen exploded. He instinctively ducked covering his face and heart. Pieces of glass embeded themselves throughout his chest, arms and back. The scent of his own blood was thick in the air.

He saw them coming in from the openning that had been caused by the breakage. People, at least they looked human, all dressed in black from head to toe, ski mask that covered thier features, and tranquilizer guns at hand.

Spike bolted immediately up the stairs to prevent Buffy from coming downstairs.

“Spike, what happened?” she screamed openning her bedroom door, when she head the sound of breaking glass. She walked out the door and saw a blood-covered Spike racing up the stairs.

He reached the foot of the stairs in two seconds with his vampire speed, but felt the sharp needle pierce his skin on his lower back. He looked up and saw Buffy comming down with a look of horror on her face.

“Go up!” Was all he managed to tell her before he collapsed on the stairs, his vision going black and his muscles not responding.

“SPIKE!!” She screamed in horror.

It happened in three seconds, she saw him collapse, all covered in blood, she saw the long dart on his bloody back, she saw a man with a gun who aimed at her, she felt a hard needle going into her leg, and the last thing she remembered was falling face first on top of an uncounscious Spike.

Shit. Was all her brain registered.


The phone on top of the fine oak table rang.


“We have them.” the voice said.

“Excellent, begin transportation.” the Russian man said. With that he hung up.

Roderick smiled and looked at the woman who was in the dark room with him.

“You see, my lady, I told you there was nothing to worry about.” Roderick smiled at the exotic beauty that was standing in front of the fire.

She smiled gracefully and turned to him. “Again, I tell you, darling, a slayer is a delicate mater.” she walked up to him. “I never doubt yout capabilities, just your ability to control the situation.”

“You asked for a challenge, give me an opportunity to prove you wrong, Princess.” he said smiling up at her.

She met his eyes and held his gaze.

She was the only one who could do that to him, the essence of her power was mystifying, even to him.

“Very well, but if important causualities come out of this, the blood is in your hands.” she said turning around to walk back to were she had been standing. But paused and turned her head to him. “Not that you would mind.” she said smiling at the vampire.


The first thing she remembered when her brain started working again, was the shivering pain that was going through her body. She was shaking. And the pain! Oh God, the pain! It started at the tip of her head and shot to her toes. She felt like she had been ran over with a train.

The next thing her body did was realize that she was lying on the hard floor, face flat on the cold tile.

She groaned.

Spike! She suddenly remembered, he was hurt, someone had shot him, wait…… Someone shot me!

She forced herself to open her eyes to look at her surroundings. She heard a soft voice, but she couldn’t identify it.

“Buffy.” it said, but so far away that it was almost singing to her. Then something grasped her shoulder lightly and shook her gently. Even though it was gentle it hurt like hell and she moaned loudly.

“Give it a while, the pain will go away.” The voice said.

“I am I dead?” she whispered quietly. Trying to get her visibility back, but all she could see was multi-colored dots that were dancing in front of her eyes.

The voice chuckled.

She knew that chuckle. “Spike?” she said hoasely, her eyes adjusting to the darkness in the room. She saw a face, yep, it was him. His platinum head shinned in the dark room.

“No, pet, you’re not dead.” he said trying to help her stand up.

She grasped his shoulders still dizzy from whatever drug they had shot them with. She realized that she was wearing his coat and she looked down at herself amazed, she clearly remembered taking it off and placing it on top of her bed.

“Why am I wearing your coat?” she asked confused.

“You were trembling.”

She nodded. “How long was I out?”

“Couldn’t tell you, I just got up ’bout an hour ago, m’self.” he said still holding her by the shoulder, because she looked like she was going to flop back down.

She lifted her hand to reasure him that she had her balance. “I’m fine.” she said.

“Sure?” he said looking at her lazy eyes.

She nodded.

He let her go. And she lost her balance, but he caught her in time before she hit the floor.

She reached out and weakly grabbed his forearms. “What the hell did they give us?” she asked annoyed that she couldn’t get her strength back.

“I’ve got no idea.” he said “Lean back against the wall.”

She complied and he let her go once he saw she steadied herself in indian style sitting possition.

“But whatever it was, it must have knocked us out for days.” he said standing up and looking around the dark cell.

She felt her brain functioning better and looked around the room.

“Were are we?” she asked not really expecting an answer. “Have they fed you?” she asked worried that he may become demented by bloodlust.

He looked around some more. “I’ve got no idea were the bloody hell we’ at.” he looked down at her. She seemed to regain her color a bit. “But they fed us.”

She looked up at him questioning his answer. What type of human would kidnap a Slayer and a Vampire and know that he had to be fed blood.

He answered her by showing her the inside of his elbow were there was traces of injection tracks, nasty ones too.

“Ouch!” she muttered. She hated needles. She hoped she hadn’t been probed by any siringes. She slid one of her arms out of his coat to check, and there it was, mean tracks of an IV. Her shoulders slumped. “I hate needles.” she said under her breath.

“Yeah, well I am just afraid of what they put in us.” he said honestly.

“Spike, does anybody have any grudges against you?” she asked wondering if this was all his fault. She had to blame somebody. By the look of her surrounding it was definetely not a government brach like the Initiative.

It was more like a run down prison. There were two small cots, with mattresses two inches thick, and extremely dirty.

I am not sleeping there. She thought to herself. The floor, though old, was relatively clean, no rats or roaches, that was always good. There was a small mirror nailed on the wall, next to it was a small door that she could only guess would be a closet of some sort. The main door that spelled thier escape was pure iron, she could tell. Even with both her and Spike hiting it with all their supernatural strength, would not bend the steel.

“Leave it up to you to think this is all my fault.” he said shaking his head in disbelief and taking a seat at the edge of one of the cots.

Buffy shruggled in annoyance, it was no more his fault than it was hers, but for now all they could do was wait.

Rescue mission, escape mission, something. She couldn’t just sit around waiting like a damsel in distress.

He felt the same, he wanted to rip the bloody door from its socket. But even he recognized the limits of his strength. He fell back on the thin mattress to prevent himself from getting claustrophobic.

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