Drusilla followed Angel into hell. Buffy did leave, but never went back to Sunnydale, due to an unforeseen circumstance of that day. Now known as Anne, she lives in a small town, outside of Tombstone, Arizona working as a stripper. Spike finds her. What secrets does she have to tell, and can they get beyond the pain of the past to start a future together?

Let’s Get Lost

She’d gone far far away from Sunnydale. From herself. Her name. Her calling. She didn’t want any contact with the old life. Much less him. That pain-in-the-ass vampire.

“Spike. What is this?” She wrenched herself free. “Since when do you help?”

Set immediately post-season 2. Buffy’s run all the way to NY, and encounters a Spike who feels he’s made a bad bargain.


Life post Acathla was anything but simple for a broken-hearted Slayer. Kicked out of home and thrown out of school, Buffy thought she’d had nothing left to lose. She was very wrong. Killing Angel broke her already damaged heart and sent her on a self-destructive path. When she hit rock bottom the last person she’d ever expected to see again forces her to reconsider the course her life is on. Post ‘Becoming Part II’.