Stalk Her

Buffy finds herself the object of somebody’s affections. At first, she’s flattered, but then it turns sinister. What happens when the scariest thing she’s ever faced, DOESN’T go bump in the night?


Drusilla followed Angel into hell. Buffy did leave, but never went back to Sunnydale, due to an unforeseen circumstance of that day. Now known as Anne, she lives in a small town, outside of Tombstone, Arizona working as a stripper. Spike finds her. What secrets does she have to tell, and can they get beyond the pain of the past to start a future together?


Five years ago, William ‘Spike’ Giles left Sunnydale to pursue his dream of racing stock cars. He left behind the love of his life, Buffy Summers, who couldn’t deal with the dangers of his chosen profession. After an accident on the track, that leaves him nearly crippled, Spike returns home to heal, both old wounds and new. There, he finds Buffy again, and he realizes that he never stopped loving her. There’s two problems. One, she’s moved on with her life. Two, his need for speed still scares her. Can they get past their fear and find love again?

The Underground

Seven years after the end of Season six. Buffy and Dawn left Sunnydale after the tragedy. Spike never went back after he returned from Africa. Now Dawn has been kidnapped to force the former Slayer into participating in an annual tournament that pits demons and humans against each other. Will Spike answer the Slayers call for help? Of course, or there would be no story. But will they survive long enough to right the wrongs they’d done seven years before?