Stalk Her

Total Chapters: 14

Buffy finds herself the object of somebody’s affections. At first, she’s flattered, but then it turns sinister. What happens when the scariest thing she’s ever faced, DOESN’T go bump in the night?

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Kneeling in his hiding place, deep in the trees, a man waits. He is soon rewarded when the object of his dreams comes into view. She’ was humming some mundane pop song, a stake in her hand, her arms swinging gracefully by her sides. Her tiny, yet powerful body was being lovingly caressed by a pair of denim shorts, and a purple halter top. Her long, blonde hair was pulled into a sleek ponytail. A slight smile touched her glossed lips as she walked, seemingly not having a care in the world.

She frowned, as if contemplating something, not sparing the fledgling that pushed out of the ground next to her a glance. With a flick of her wrist, she sent the stake flying. The fledgling burst into dust, and she bent to retrieve the wood, never breaking her reverie.

The man sighed, love reflecting in the crazed depths of his eyes. She was a goddess, pure and strong. Righteous and untouched. Like the goddess Athena, her strikes were straight and true. God had touched this beautiful creature before him, and he was blessed just to be allowed to gaze upon her.

His blood heated as he stared at her. She had come to a rest on the top of a headstone. Her head was titled back to look up into the sky. Perhaps she was wanting to rejoin her brethren in the Heavens. Surely, something so bright, and so beautiful was not long for this earth.

His hand traveled to the hardness in is pants, as he drank in the smooth lines of her back. He wondered, briefly, if she could feel him. If her pausing right in front of him was a sign. Maybe she was telling him, ‘Yes, I will be yours. You are the one that I will allow to be purged by my goodness.’ Joy swept through him at this thought. If only he could touch her, he was sure that he would be saved. The horrible things he had done would be forgiven, and then they could lay in each others’ arms and await the kingdom of heaven together.

He was touching himself in earnest now, shame creeping through his joy. He knew he was defiling the very thought of her by doing this, but he couldn’t stop. This was a testament to his own weakness, to the darkness that burned within his soul. The fact that he would want to do the foul and disgusting things that were floating through his mind, was a confirmation of his wickedness. She was goodness and light. He was evil and dark. And as his seed spilled across the foliage at his feet, he cried, apologizing to her back for his weakness.

As he tucked himself back into his pants, her heard her speak. His head whipped up to see who she was talking too, and realized that her head was turned in his direction. He shrunk back a little, afraid that she would see him, but quite sure she was seeking him out. He warred internally what to do, until he heard her call a name. A name that was not his. A name that belonged to a creature that shouldn’t even know her.

Rage flowed in his veins, when he realized that she was actually seeking that creature out. He watched as she whirled and shrieked, said creature standing behind her. His eyes burned into her back as she talked to it, its bleached hair shining in the moonlight. When the creature started to walk away, the man gave out a short lived sigh of relief. No sooner had the thing started away, when she called it back. He then watched as they talked for a quiet moment, then turned and proceeded on together.

He stepped out of the trees as they walked past, careful not to rouse their attention. His angry, mad eyes followed them until they disappeared from sight. He then turned and walked in the opposite direction, fury clouding his mind.

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