Slayer of Slayers

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Buffy is a vamp and Spike is sent to kill her.

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“Are you sure about this?” Angel asked Buffy, his dark eyes full of love. Buffy ran a gentlehand down his cheek, and leaned up to brush his lips with a soft kiss.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” She assured him bravely. Inside, however, she was a nervous wreck. She knew that she wanted to take the next step in her relationship with Angel. She and Willow had spent many a night discussing just that. But now that the time was here, she was afraid. What if she wasn’t good enough? He was more than two centuries old, and had probably had many beautiful women, if Darla was anything to go by. What if he found her sorely lacking.

*Get a grip, Buff. * she told herself, leaning into Angel’s kiss. With a sigh, she poured all her nervous energy into the kiss, relishing the way his cool tongue felt sliding over hers.

Angel ran his fingertips along her jaw line, down her throat, and to the exposed swell of her breasts. His heart swelled with the magnitude of the gift she was giving him. In all his time on earth, he never thought he would be worthy of this small bundle of warmth and love in his arms. As he continued to tease her mouth with his, he slowly backed her toward his bed, easing her back gently when they reached it. She sighed once more, and opened her arms to wrap him in her embrace.

He pulled his mouth away from hers, and began to rain light kisses across her skin. A fluttering started in the pit of her stomach, like a thousand small, electric butterflies had taken up residence. They made her skin heat, and her blood sing. As his lips brushed across the skin of her collar bone, she felt the butterflies migrate south to her sex, sending another wave of heat across her body. She felt her panties become wet as his tongue swept across her soft flesh.

The smell of her arousal washed over him, urging him to hurry. But, he clamped down on the urgency building inside of him, reminding himself it was her first time. He left her for a moment to pull off his black shirt, than helped her out of hers. He stood and just looked at her for a moment, drinking in the beauty of her full, unbound breasts. Her small, dark nipples peaked under the intensity of his gaze, and she started to grow self conscious. He pulled the hand she had raised to cover herself away, and knelt gingerly between her legs. Angel palmed one of the soft mounds, kneading gently, while he captured the taught peak of the other in his mouth. She hissed in pleasure, her hands burying themselves in his hair to hold him closer.

While she was distracted with the sensations he was causing, he used his other hand to pull her short skirt and panties away. His mouth traveled to her other breast, repeating his ministrations there until she was whimpering beneath him. Her hips began to grind against the bed, instinctively seeking friction. Her innocent movements broke whatever hold he had on his control. He pulled away long enough to divest himself of his pants. He then slid up the length of her body, settling himself between her splayed thighs. Once his hardness touched her swollen heat, her hips moved faster, her juices coating the underside of his cock.

“Wait, Buffy.” He whispered, using a hand to still her actions. Another few swipes and it would have been over before it had really begun. It had been to long since he’d last had a woman. He looked into her eyes, which were half open and clouded with desire. He leaned down to kiss her, reaching down to position himself at her opening. He began to ease into her, but Buffy was always impatient. With one thrust up she impaled herself fully on his erection. Her scream of pain was quieted by his kiss. He pulled his mouth away from hers, and peppered butterfly kisses across her tear stained eyes.

“Sh, the worst is over now.” He whispered, laying completely still on top of her. She nodded silently, her fingers convulsing on his shoulders. He kissed her again, waiting to feel her relax against him before he started to move. Slowly he thrust at first, trying to allow her to get used to him. Hesitantly she began to move under him, fueling his need. His strokes became longer, and harder, his passion overtaking his want to be easy with her. She met his movements, her hands running up and down his back in an almost comforting manner. She kissed him back fervently, losing herself in the new sensation of being filled. He began to move faster, ripping away from her mouth to roar as he climaxed.

She continued to stroke his back as he shuddered above her, whispering softly into his ear. She had expected the pain. What she hadn’t expected was this feeling of un fulfillment that settled over her. She figured that all those books she’d read had lied. But, it was nice. The feeling of him between her legs, and inside of her was pleasant. The weight of him on top of her felt good. So, she figured she could do without the fireworks, and crashing waves that all those romance books talked about. At least she knew she was loved.

“I love you, Buffy.” He whispered, moving his weight off of her. He shifted to the side, and drew her with him, throwing the blanket over their bodies.

“I love you, too. Angel.” She answered, snuggling deeper into his embrace. With a contented sigh, she drifted to sleep. Angel felt his undead heart sing with happiness as her breathing deepened. Never in his life had he felt as complete as he did in this moment. He buried his face into the soft tresses of her hair, breathing deep the scent of vanilla. He closed his eyes and allowed the sound of her heartbeat, and the steady rhythm of her breathing lull him into blissful slumber.

Angel awoke a short time later, an unsettling feeling washing over him. He looked down at the sleeping girl next to him. She seemed all right. Closing his eyes, he stretched out his senses to see if anything was wrong in the apartment. Feeling nothing, he slipped gingerly out of bed. He slipped his pants on, then made sure Buffy was asleep before he left the apartment.

The feeling increased as he walked the perimeter of the building. It started to feel as if something was crawling around inside of him, struggling to get out. Realization set in just as a mind numbing pain knifed through his body. He hit his knees, gasping for unneeded air. He threw his head back and roared into the cool evening air.


Buffy woke with a start, not entirely sure what had jarred her out of sleep. Rubbing her eyes, she turned to where Angel should have been. She jerked back as she spied the now empty half of the bed. She held the sheet to her body, and stood to walk around the apartment. He was nowhere to be found.

“Shit.” She hissed, when she saw the time. Her mother was going to kill her. Assuming that Angel had just slipped out to the store, or something, Buffy began scrambling into her clothes. She winced at the unaccustomed soreness between her legs as she moved them into her panties. Once she was dressed, she grabbed a pen and paper off his desk and wrote a hasty note to tell him she would call him the next day.

Then, with one last glance around the apartment, she slipped out into the night.

“Miss Edith told me you’d come back.” The dark-haired vampiress purred from the bed. “She told me you’d find me.” She had come to this old mansion on the outskirts of Sunnydale for just that reason.

“Miss Edith always was a smart old girl” Angelus drawled, strolling to the bed. “How bout giving daddy a kiss hello.” He gripped her arm and hauled her against his body. She smiled in wicked delight, her eyes flashing with mad glee. Her hands fisted in his hair and she crashed her lips against his. Fangs cut into lips and tongues as they tried to devour each other.

“Welcome home, my Angel” she said when she pulled away, her tongue darting out to lick the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Ah, Dru. It’s good to be home.” An evil smirk curved his lip before he kissed her again, pushing them both onto the bed so she could welcome him home properly.

“Angel?” Buffy called as she pushed open his door. She had tried calling him several times over the last couple of days, but he hadn’t been answering his phone. “Angel?” she called again, stepping inside.

“Hello, lover.” She turned toward the sound of his voice. The smile on her face died when she saw the coldness of his deep brown eyes.

“I. . .I’ve been trying to call,” she began.

“Yeah, I know. I just didn’t feel like talking.” Angel said, sighing, then smirking. Buffy’s eyes widened a fraction at the tone of his voice.

“Oh. Okay.” She could only stare at him. He was leaning against the back of the couch, his arms crossed over the broad expanse of his chest. His eyes roamed over her, the look in his eyes causing her to be embarrassed. Her brows drew together as they continued to regard each other. “Did I do something wrong?” she heard herself ask, her voice trembling.

“What? No, you were great. Really, if I didn’t know you were a virgin, I woulda thought you were a pro.” He grinned at the tears that sprang to her eyes. “But, I really don’t think we should do it again”

“Why?” she said before she could stop herself. He actually laughed.

“Well, nice as it was, I really don’t have the time to deal with a girl that doesn’t know the first thing about pleasing a man.”

*But, hadn’t he just said I was good? * she thought to herself. She then immediately cursed herself for being so dumb. She didn’t know what was wrong with him, but she knew she didn’t want to talk to him while he was acting like this.

“You know what? I’ll come back later, when you’re in a better mood.” She fought back the hot tears that were burning her eyes and started toward the door.

“Oh, don’t rush off.” He said, pushing himself away from the couch. He started to walk toward her, his gait slow and predatory. She backed up instinctively, realizing her mistake too late when her back hit the closed door. *Didn’t I leave that open? *

Angel rested his palms on either side of her head. “We’re going to have some fun.” He whispered, pinning her against the wood with his body. It was then that she saw the other vampire. The female walked up behind Angel, her musical laughter filling the air.

“You were right, my Angel. She does look tasty.” Fear slammed into Buffy when she realized what she had walked into.

“But, how . . . your soul . . . “

“Is gone. All thanks to you. You really know how to fuck the goodness out of a man.” He chuckled at that, drawing a finger down the curve of her cheek. She felt her heart shatter in two at his words. Her Angel was gone, and it was her fault. “Some Slayer you are.” He smirked. At the reminder of her calling, Buffy shoved him back hard. She might go down, but she wouldn’t go down without a fight. Angel recovered and launched at her, his punches landing solidly on her face and torso. She refused to cry out as pain seared through her. She managed to block his next punch, and reared back to let fly a few of her own. He dodged them easily, seeing it was emotion fueling her and not her sacred duty.

Buffy felt herself begin to tire, but she pushed herself on. Unfortunately, she got so caught up in her battle with the man she loved, she forgot about the vampiress. A sharp pain exploded through her back as the female landed a blow between her shoulder blades. It stunned her for a moment, sending her to her knees. That moment was all Angel need. He tackled her the rest of the way to the ground, his elbows digging into the soft flesh of her arms, and his legs tangling with hers. He had her effectively pinned. She stared up at him with wide, and sorrow filled hazel eyes. If this was how she had to go, at least it was going to be Angel.

He saw the minute she accepted her fate, knowing she was expecting to be killed. Wouldn’t she be surprised, he thought as his demon surged forward.

“Goodbye, lover.” He growled, before plunging his fangs deep into her throat. She screamed, despite herself. She hadn’t wanted to give him the satisfaction, but the pain was so intense, she couldn’t help it. She felt the ebb and flow of her blood as it traveled from her neck to his greedy mouth. Spots formed in front of her eyes and she felt her heart start to slow. The last thing she heard before she lost consciousness was the delighted laughter of the vampiress.

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