Set in the world of the The Wish. Instead of snapping Buffy’s neck, the Master keeps her imprisoned so that another Slayer can’t be called, and so that he will be free to carry out his plans. In the mean time he’s called the last of the Aurelius line, Drusilla and Spike, to help him run his new kingdom in Sunnydale.

Let’s Get Lost

She’d gone far far away from Sunnydale. From herself. Her name. Her calling. She didn’t want any contact with the old life. Much less him. That pain-in-the-ass vampire.

“Spike. What is this?” She wrenched herself free. “Since when do you help?”

Set immediately post-season 2. Buffy’s run all the way to NY, and encounters a Spike who feels he’s made a bad bargain.

When the Price is Right

When it’s time for the annual Auction Day in Sunnydale, the last thing Buffy Summers wants is to be auctioned off as a ‘slave’. When her best friend convinces her that it is for a good, charitable cause, Buffy finally agrees. What happens when the one person she hates, decides that being her ‘master’ for a week doesn’t sound that bad?