To See the Sun Again

Total Chapters: 6

Set somewhere after Something Blue, before Buffy dates Riley, before Dawn is ‘created’. Answer to a Challenge. First Fanfic I wrote. Someone kidnaps Buffy and Spike to force them to fulfill a prophecy.

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By the end of an age
Comes the age of mixed blood
Strong blood of the killer of undeads
Strong blood of the undead killer

Chapter 1: Caged

When coming to her senses, the first sensation that struck Buffy was the dull aching in her head. Opening her eyes, she sat and rapidly looked at her surroundings while trying to remember what had happened. Her memory was fuzzy. She had been out on patrol as usual when suddenly a cloud of smoke had surrounded her. She had fainted without having the time to wonder what was going on. And now, she was in a large room, a faint light descending from the high ceiling. Ignoring the pain in her head, she got out of the bed where she had been lying and started walking around, intending to find where she was.

“Hey pet.”

She jumped at the voice behind her and instinctively reached to her belt, where a stake should have been. She found nothing. Readying herself for a fight, she turned to face the vampire.

“Want to tell me what game you’re playing, Spike ? Or shall I kick your ass first and ask questions later ?”

He was leaning against the wall, hands in the pockets of his trademark duster. A frown was creasing his forehead.

“This is no game of mine, Slayer. I woke up a moment ago, in that same bed you were in, and I’m pretty sure that’s not where I went to sleep.”

Or rather, he thought, that’s not where I passed out drunk.

“‘Thought you wouldn’t really care for waking up next to me, so I just moved out of the way.”

Buffy was staring at him, trying to decide if he was telling the truth or not.

“Know where we are ?” she asked warily.

“No idea. This room is just a box. No window. Locked steel door. Bathroom behind that curtain.”

She looked at the corner he was pointing at.

“Only furniture is that bed. And we are being watched.”

Again, her eyes followed to where he was pointing. In the corner of the ceiling, completely out of reach, was a video camera.

“They’re awake, Sir.”

“What are they doing ?”

“Talking, Sir. They seem to have agreed to a truce. They’ll work together until they’re out.”

“Good. Proceed as planned.”

After a few hours, Buffy was ready to stake Spike. Problem was, she had nothing to stake him with. The iron bed was solidly fixed to the floor, and she couldn’t have fashioned a stake with it anyway. She briefly thought of smothering him with a pillow, until remembering the lack of air wouldn’t disturb him much.

He was just infuriating.

Oh, they had agreed on a truce easily. Get out of their cage first, then deal with each other. Not that Spike could harm her, anyway, with the chip in his head. Yet, it had soon been clear that there was only one way out, the door, and their combined efforts to open it had been useless. And frustrating. They had ended yelling at each other, about something stupid, until they each retreated to opposite corners of the room. That was a good two hours ago.

“Bloody hell.”

“What now ? “

“Sodding bastards took my cigarettes. “

“Poor baby. “

“Fuck you. “

“You wish. “

The vampire laughed, though it sounded rather forced, even to his own ears.

“I know what they are trying to do, Slayer, whoever they are. “

“And what is that, Mister genius ? “

“They try to make us insane. Locking us together, no way out, no way to kill each other, nothing to do but argue. “

Well, the vampire could think of something else to do, on that nice bed, but he doubted the Slayer would indulge him.

“How long do you think we’ve been here ? “

“‘Don’t know. I had just fed when I went to bed, and I’m really hungry now, so I would say at least 12 hours. Probably more. “

“I’m hungry too”, Buffy muttered.

Just as she finished talking, they heard a noise by the door. They both rushed to it, only to see the small trap at the bottom closing back. A small tray with some food had been pushed through the trap. Some cookies and a cup of milk. That was all.

“Breakfast. Cool. “

Buffy’s voice sounded all but satisfied. She wondered for a moment whether she should try the food or not. She finally grabbed the tray and took it to the bed. If their captors had wanted her dead, there were easier ways than poisoning her food.

“Want a cookie, Spike ?” she offered, realizing she had eaten almost everything on the tray.

He mumbled something unintelligible.

“Say again ? “

“No. I. Want. Blood.” he growled, louder.

He walked purposefully to the corner where the camera was, and changed to game face. Looking straight at the spying device, he said to whoever was watching : “You gave the Slayer her breakfast. I want mine. Blood. Warm. In a mug. “

With that, he growled for emphasis. A few minutes later, the trap in the door opened again. Spike rushed to it, but only retrieved a piece of paper.

His almost hysteric laugh filled the room, causing Buffy to walk to him and take the paper from his fingers.

“Feed from the girl.”

Four weeks passed. The Slayer was measuring the time by the food trays that were pushed in the room. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Three trays, one day. Always food for her, never anything for Spike. Buffy tried now and then to coerce him to eat something from her tray, but it didn’t help. They had attempted to stand by the door, ready to grab a hand or anything when the trap opened. But it remained closed as long as they were near it.

Spike had not asked for her blood. He had not mentioned it at all. But sometimes, she could swear she could feel his eyes on her neck. Especially at night. And whenever she looked at him she could see the blood lust in his eyes, dancing sparks of gold.

Wordlessly, they had agreed on sharing the bed ; it was large enough for each to remain on his or her side without touching the other. That’s where Spike spent his time now, too weak to do anything. Buffy tried to force herself to exercise, to keep in shape until the opportunity to escape presented itself. She knew he was watching her.

In her mind, a battle was taking place. She could admit to herself that she would need Spike to escape. His brain as well as his strength. But in the state he was now, he would be more a burden than a help. On the 29th day, she decided herself.

Sitting next to him on the bed, she examined his sleeping face. So pale, so cold under her light touch. He awakened with a jump, staring at her above him.

“You need to feed”, she said in a low voice.

He kept staring at her, unblinking.

“I need you to be ready to fight when the time comes. Sooner or later, they’ll make a mistake and that will be our chance to get out. “

Still, he was not moving.

“It’s clear by now they won’t give you blood. So you will have to take mine.”

His eyes closed. He was sure he was dreaming. Never, in the real world, would the Slayer offer her blood to him. Not a chance.

A slap to his face awoke the demon, and he morphed instinctively. The Slayer’s wrist was pressed firmly against his mouth. He bit it.

Neither of them realized the chip had not punished him.

Buffy cried in pain as his fangs pierced her skin. Spike could hear her heart beating faster. Her blood filling his mouth tasted of honey, sugar and sun. Already, the weakness was gone. Slayer blood. Life.

After what seemed like hours, the vampire let go of Buffy. His human face returned instantly, and he leaned back in the bed, eyes tightly shut.

“Bloody hell”, he whispered.

“You’re welcome”, she replied dryly.

She tore the edge of the sheet and tried to tie it around her wrist, which was not easy with one hand only.

He watched her fumble with her makeshift bandage for a minute, then tried to take the fabric from her. She hissed at him.

“I can do it myself ! “

“Damn it Slayer, I’m just trying to help ! “

He managed to pry the length of fabric from her fingers.

“Will you bloody keep still ?” he growled.

She finally gave in, letting him bandage her still bleeding wrist. Spike surprised himself as he noticed the gentleness of his own moves.

“Thanks”, he said while tying a last knot.

She nodded, then laid down on her side. After a few minutes, her breath had the regular rhythm of sleep. Spike watched her for a long time, as he often did, talking to her in his mind.

That was so foolish, luv. You have no idea how much I craved your blood before, and now it’s just that much worse. You’re lucky I didn’t drain you. I didn’t even think I would be able to stop myself if I ever started. Very lucky, Slayer.’Wonder why the chip did not fry me, though.

“He drank from her, Sir. “

“Did she offer or did he just take ? “

“She offered, Sir. “

“The chip ? “

“No reaction Sir, as we thought. “

“Good, very good. The Vampire has drunk from a willing Slayer. That was the first part of the Prophecy. Now let’s get to the second part. Have the Circle perform the spell. “

Willingly blood is given
Willingly blood is taken
Bloods strengthen each other
Bloods call for life

Every day, Buffy spent time exercising, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for hours. It was as much to keep in shape as to occupy her mind.

Often, Spike watched her, his Slayer, fighting against the air, graceful, beautiful, and deadly. Too often, his watching left him with a painful erection, which she never noticed. Or did not want to.

That day, he was in no mood for a quick release in the shower, so he was not watching. Lying on the bed, eyes closed, he pretended to sleep. But he was all too aware of her, the sounds of her heartbeat and breathing filling his ears. Her breathing calmed down, but strangely her heartbeat did not. He heard her moving around, closer, her scent filling him. Scent of her. arousal ?

His eyes jerked open and he almost jumped out of the bed when he felt her burning hands trailing on his bare chest. She sometimes complained about him not wearing a shirt, but she certainly did not seem to mind right now. His eyes grew wider, as did other parts of him, when his gaze slid from her face to her naked body.

This is a dream, he thought, and in a minute she will kick me awake and complain I moaned out loud.

But no kick was given. Instead, she undid the button of his jeans, then the fly, freeing his painfully hard cock. In a quick motion, the jeans were on the floor, and she was on the bed, above him, lowering herself to his erection without further preamble.

He growled as he felt how wet she was around him. How hot. How tight.

His hands, of their own accord, gripped her hips, holding her as she started to slam herself down on him. He watched her as in a trance as her hands caressed her own breast, her head thrown back. The sight was too much ; rolling her on her back, he started pounding into her furiously, chanting her name with each thrust. She locked her arms behind his neck and pulled him down. Unexpectedly, she bit his shoulder, hard, bruising the skin to the blood, sucking on it. He growled and morphed to game face, sinking his fangs into her neck, where the blood was calling his name. They both came as he forcefully sucked on her life.

When Buffy awoke, it took her a few instants to remember where she was. Then, she realized with horror that she was cuddled against Spike. And that they were both naked.

She jerked away from the sleeping vampire, pulling the sheet to her and waking him in the process.

“‘Morning luv. “

Next thing he knew, she was slapping him, punching him, scratching him. He managed to grab her wrists and, rolling over her, pinned her down.

“What’s wrong with you, Slayer ?” he shouted.

“What’s wrong ?” she shouted back. “You rape me and then you ask me what’s wrong ? “

In shock, he released his grip and she pushed him away from her. She jumped out of the bed and started gathering her scattered clothes.

Stunned, he tried to understand what was going on in her mind.

“Buffy, I would never. “

“You did ! “

She was yelling again, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

“Wait a minute Slayer. Who bloody started it ? You’re the one who climbed on me first ! “

Her mouth opened, ready to deny. And then the memories hit her. Memories of her, waking him, not only the first time but also a couple of other times after that. Memories of her, calling his name, not in fear or horror but in complete ecstasy. Memories of him, drinking from her, but only after she bit him first.

Her eyes found the teeth marks she had left on his shoulder, at the same time as her fingers rubbed against the marks on her own neck.

“Oh my God, what did we do ? “

“There’s progress. It’s we now, not me alone. And it’s called shagging. Or making love. Fucking even if you want. “

His insolent voice hid the wound she had just inflicted him. One day she could not get enough of him, and the next she didn’t even remember wanting him at all. Well, he remembered, all too well.

He was still sprawled on the bed, watching her. She was clutching her clothes to herself, but making no move to put them on. Her eyes seemed unfocused, as if she was watching something in her mind. Without speaking, she went to the bathroom corner and he heard the shower being turned on. The sound brought back memories of what they had done in that shower. His mind played with the idea of joining her, but he decided against it. She wasn’t going to welcome him now, or even ever by the look of disgust she had on her face when she looked at him. Cursing soundly, he slipped his jeans on and went to the door, snatching the cup of coffee from the tray. He would have given the bloody soul he didn’t have for a smoke. Cursing some more against the cold beverage, he paced around the room for a while.

She stayed under the shower for what seemed hours. Letting the almost burning water run over her, she tried to remember exactly all that had happened the previous day, as painful as it was. One moment she had been exercising, and the next she was literally assaulting a sleeping Spike. She couldn’t understand how she had been so willing, hungry for his touch. And he for hers. She recalled something he had said, and everything clicked into place in her mind. Drying herself quickly and throwing her clothes on, she stormed to Spike, who was sitting on the floor against the wall, eyes closed, only half dressed.

“Spike, remember the last time you said you loved me ? “

His eyes shot open, and she wondered how they could be so dark now when just a few hours ago they had been as clear as the sky at noon.

“Last night ?” he whispered.

“No, idiot, before that ! When Willow did her spell ! When we got engaged and smooching in Giles house ! Remember that ?”

He nodded, not quite sure where her mind was going.

“That’s what must have happened. A love spell ! That’s why we did these things, it was just a spell !”

He stared at her hard, and she could tell he was thinking. But what ?

“Were you in love with me, Slayer ? You never said you were.”

His voice was cold as ice. She wondered why. She thought of his question, and frowned. She had all her memories now, clear as crystal. But none of them involved being in love with the vampire.

“You were not in love, pet. You wanted to shag. Nothing else. That was the only thing in your mind. Not a love spell. A shag spell. Or lust spell. Whatever you want to call it, whoever did that didn’t want us in love. They wanted us to fuck !”

Heat had risen in his voice, though it was not directed at Buffy. He was angry with himself for believing she had truly wanted him as much as he desired her. Hearing her say that it was ‘just a spell’ hurt as hell, though he wouldn’t have admitted it to her under torture.

“Why would they do that ?” the petite blonde finally whispered, shaking her head in confusion.

“Your guess is as good as mine, pet. Maybe there’s a buying market for slayer / vampire porn ?”

Her eyes widened in horror as she remembered the video camera.

For two days, she tried to avoid him, as much as it was possible when stuck in the same room. He appeared to share her mood, and respected her silence, though for what reason she could not imagine. She would have thought he would find it amusing to taunt her. They were still sleeping in the same bed, each as far on his or her side as they could, but neither was getting much sleep. Buffy was not afraid of him forcing himself on her, she was scared that *she* might, if whoever had bewitched them did it again.

Another reason to her discomfort was what he had said the morning after, pointing out that she had not been in love, but saying nothing about himself. If the spell had not made him declare his love, did it mean he actually was in love with her ? The thought was disturbing.

On the third morning, she woke up groggy, with a strange taste on her mouth, almost as when she had been kidnapped. Finding herself alone in the bed and hearing no noise, she called Spike’s name, but he was gone. She should have felt better to be on her own, out of danger of spell-lusting. Yet, oddly, she quickly missed his presence. As annoying and obnoxious as he could be when he decided to get on her nerves, he was her only ally here. Now that he was gone, she felt like her thin chances of escape were becoming inexistent.

“The test was positive ?”

“Yes sir, it was. We removed the vampire since he fulfilled his role.”

“Good, very good. It didn’t take long, we were lucky. Though I’m sure some of the our members wouldn’t have minded observing these two together some more. They were. creative, weren’t they?”

“Uh, as. as you say, Sir. Creative.”

Bloods call for life
And as they join
Life they call
A life unlike either of theirs

Spike was in a dark room. A very small, dark room. He had awoken there one day, and had no idea how they had moved him there. Strangely, all he could worry about was what had happened to Buffy. He hoped she wasn’t in a cell like this one, it would drive her crazy. Hell, it was driving *him* crazy.

Every few hours, a package of blood was pushed through a trap in the door. He drank the cold liquid more by habit than desire. That thing was almost disgusting after having tasted her warm, singing blood.

Mostly, he spent his time remembering their night together, these glorious moments when he had thought, truly believed, that she was his. Her denial and disgust the next day, he didn’t want to think about, yet he kept seeing them too. He quickly lost track of the time.

As he was in his own dream world, some day or some night, a bright light blinded him and he heard a loud voice, seemingly coming from a speaker.

“You will be put back with the girl. She has not eaten for 5 days. Make sure she eats or you will be separated again. Take care of her. She is pregnant with your child.”

Shock from these last words numbed Spike just as well as the electric arc that made him unconscious.

“Was it wise to tell the vampire ? He might hurt her or the baby.”

“Would he, really ? Think of this. He has always thought he would never have offsprings. And now he will. As for hurting her. he didn’t need the spell to fall in love with her. No, short of restraining her and feeding by force, he is our best chance.”

When Buffy awoke, Spike was in the bed next to her. Despite herself, she smiled. She would not have admitted it to anyone, least of all him, but she had missed him. Her only hope to get out of this hell. She was feeling too faint to move much, but she took his hand.

He woke up at her touch, and sat, a worried look on his face.

“You ok, luv ?”

She smiled weakly.

“Where did you go, fang breath ? I thought the two of us were getting out of this together.”

A look of resolve settled on his face, and she thought his eyes flickered an instant toward her belly. She must have imagined it ; he couldn’t know.

“We will get out of here, luv, I swear.”

He brushed his lips on her forehead, as lightly as a butterfly wing, before getting out of the bed. Her eyes followed him to the door. He came back with a tray and sat by her side.

“You need to eat, pet. You need your strength if we are to escape.”

Before she realized what he was doing, he was feeding her a spoonful of some sort of fruit jelly. She tried to turn her head away, and he growled.

“I was told to make you eat, and I bloody will, even if I have to sit on you and pinch your nose to make you swallow. Now eat ! “

Surprised, she allowed him to feed her like an infant. He was silent, concentrated on his task. Buffy was looking at his face, trying to read the emotions that he was hiding.

When the tray was empty, he just left it on the floor. Sitting in the bed against some pillows, he pulled her back against his chest. She thought about pulling away, but she felt too weak still. And strangely, she felt too good, also.

“I was told to make you eat”, he repeated softly, “or they will take me away again. Why did you stop eating ?”

She answered after a few seconds of silence.

“When you disappeared, I thought they had killed you. And I thought I would be next. I was too tired to fight back. Didn’t feel like eating or anything.”

He pressed his lips to her hair, and his hand slipped to her stomach as if by its own will.

“They told me something else”, he started, then hesitated.

Could it be she had stopped eating because she didn’t want that baby ?

“Do you know. are you pregnant ? “

He felt her stop breathing for a couple of seconds, then her body relaxed. He hadn’t realized she was so tense.

“Yes” she whispered.

Unconsciously, he tightened his embrace.

“Spike, I do need to breathe, you know” she said gently.

He released his grip instantly, but didn’t let go of her.

“Aren’t you going to say something, mister soon to be daddy ? “

He laughed briefly. Daddy. That sounded really good, even in their situation.

“What can I say, Slayer ? Never thought I would ever have a child. Not that kind of child anyway. And now this happens. We’re stuck here, wherever here is, together, vampire and Slayer, in a cage, and I make you pregnant.”

He was shaking his head in disbelief.

“I know how you feel. I never thought I would have babies, with the whole ‘slayer die young’ thing. “

For a few minutes, they were silent, then he asked, very quietly.

“How do you feel about it ? “

She thought about her answer. She had asked herself the same thing before, but never really decided if this was a good thing or not.

“I can’t say I’m thrilled. This is not the way I would have wished to become pregnant. In a cage, with that spell cast upon us. “

She stopped, and he continued her thought, trying not to sound hurt.

“With me. “

She ignored his words.

“I’m not thrilled, but I’m not going to hurt myself over it. Or the baby. Or you. Though I will hurt whoever put us in here.”

She was looking at the camera while saying these words, but he didn’t notice. He was absent-mindedly stroking her belly, unsure whether to say what was on his mind or not.

“I know you didn’t want this, Slayer. And I know you don’t love me. But what I said then. it was true, and it is still true. I love you.”

She didn’t answer.

Before long, Buffy drifted into sleep, still wrapped in Spike’s arms. His eyes were closed but he wasn’t sleeping. Part of his mind was focused on her heartbeat, which was oddly comforting to him after his time alone. The other part was trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The few words he had heard before being shocked into unconsciousness had been enough to cast some light on their captors. Unmistakable accent. They were Brits.

Another piece of the puzzle was the baby. They knew and cared about it enough to worry when Buffy stopped feeding herself.

In all logic, they had even cast that fateful spell for the purpose of having a baby conceived. And had probably done something to Spike to make him able to breed.

Yes, breeding was the word. Animals in a cage, paired to get the desired offspring. But what kind of offspring would it be ? And why ?

The last half-revealed piece was the blood. Why had they refused him blood, forcing him to feed off the Slayer ? Would they still have him take her blood now that she was pregnant ? Not that he would, he’d die of hunger first, but were they planning on it ?

His interrogation was answered when the trap door opened next. From where he sat on the bed, he could smell blood, knew instinctively that it was warm. And, as he had requested on that first day, it was in a mug.

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