Recapturing the Magic

Spike and Buffy have been giving a lot of thought to the hours they were engaged during Willow’s ‘Thy Will Be Done’ spell, wondering if the real thing would be just as good as it was then. Would they take the chance to discover it or would they just let opportunity pass them by?

A Mother Knows Best

Buffy hates Spike and Spike can’t stand Buffy. Right? Ever since Willow’s ‘my will be done’ spell, the vampire and slayer have been plagued with thoughts and dreams of their supposed mortal enemy. And neither of them know what to do about it. When Joyce Summers receives a mystery visit from someone in the know, and learns a little about the possible future, the slayer’s mother is set to work – playing matchmaker. Set in early season four, post ‘Something Blue’, and goes AU after that.

Bake Me a Bloody Cake

Response to BSV challenge #374. Set about a week after the events of Something Blue but before the beginning of Hush. Buffy has reluctantly agreed to vampsit while Giles is out for the evening, and is desperate for something to distract her from the annoyingly perceptive vampire and the memories of their brief engagement. Kind of fluffy, silly, and smutty, with a smattering of insight . . . and sprinkles!