Learning Curve

At Sunnydale High School, two things are indisputable: Buffy and Angel are the perfect couple and Buffy and Spike will always be enemies. But when one rule breaks, Buffy decides to break the other one, too, in a desperate bid to recapture Angel’s heart. However, Spike soon forms a plan of his own, and Buffy begins to realize maybe nothing was ever how she thought it was.

How William Pratt Learned to Get the Girl

When his brother, Liam, discovered William would be starting college a virgin, Liam decides to help him out by devising a plan to change that. However, when the first step of his Liam’s plan drops William into the life of one Buffy Summers, everything goes very wrong – or very right.

Gardens of Oblivion

After discovering her husband has been cheating on her, Buffy Summers decides to get a little revenge before she tells him good-bye. However, her plan takes an unexpected turn when the man she meets is more than he seems…

Darkening of the Light

Finding herself in what was once her worst nightmare, Slayer turned vampire Buffy Summers wants revenge on the one who made her. However, when she makes an unlikely ally in the process, she finds herself on a journey that changes her understandings of good and evil, love and hate.