World on Fire

Buffy finds herself haunted by dreams of a Slayer from long ago. What are the powers trying to tell her in her sleep – and will it make her see things with a different perspective? (Set in Season Six, post-“Smashed,” but pre-“Dead Things.”)

The Poet and His Muse

Recently dumped and still bitter, William “Spike” Pratt is having difficulty finding inspiration for his second book of poetry—despite his rapidly approaching publishing deadline—when fate steps in and Spike is given his very own muse. But what happens when he finds himself falling for her? Can love exist between two people from such different worlds?

Tempt Me Not

Buffy takes desperate measures to try to remove the temptation from her life. But when things don’t go anywhere near according to plan, she finds herself discovering what she hadn’t wanted to believe was possible. (This story is set in Season Six, but goes completely AU at the beginning of “Gone.” For the purposes of this fic, I’m ignoring the Nerd Trio and the social worker completely.)


Buffy Summers, notorious bad girl at home in California, has been sent away to a small town in rural England to live with a distant relative. How can she possibly relieve her boredom? By seducing her shy, impressionable neighbor, of course.

More Than a Dream

Trapped in Hell, Spike is given the chance to finally have what he’s dreamed of – Buffy. But when he makes his choice, he gets anything but what he expected.

Love and Death Embrace – Part 2

Once, William Pratt was a quiet poet, madly in love with his wife, Drusilla. Now, Spike is a loner, hunting in the night for the monster who took her away. He is focused on vengeance, making no room for anything else in his life – until his plan to get his revenge takes a turn he never could have predicted. (Continued from Part 1)