Their Soul

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Sequel to Her Sire. Third part to the Childe & Sire saga. One more apocalypse was just avoided, but something even worse than an apocalypse is coming…

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Chapter 1: Mate and Sire

Spike’s fangs sinking into her shoulder woke Buffy, but she didn’t stir, didn’t move in his embrace. Feeling this, sharing it with him again felt so right. She hadn’t missed the bites and everything that came with them during the few delicious days they had been human, but now that they were back to fanginess it just felt normal to feel his mouth pulling on her blood. It felt very nice, too. Especially with the promise of more delights to come, as he rubbed his hardness against the small of her back. However, it was quickly over, and he pulled away from her skin with an uncharacteristic abruptness, as if scorched by her blood. Before she could summon the will to open her eyes or to ask him what was going on, he had moved her so that she was lying flat on her back, and blood seeped past her lips and onto her tongue. She suppressed the moan that was rising in her throat at the unexpected treat, and started suckling softly on his offered wrist, not taking a lot, just enjoying the unique and so satisfying taste of her Sire. She opened her eyes slightly, barely enough to see him, and found his stunned face hovering over hers.

“Buffy?” he asked quietly.

With a long and slow lick, she cleaned the slash on his wrist, stopping the bleeding. Then she ran her tongue over her lips, grinning lazily, and looked up into his eyes.

“Hey there,” she said with a deep purr. “Thanks for breakfast in bed. Was hungry. You’re yummy.”

Murmuring soft words of love, she laid herself on top of his body, purring a little more as he wrapped her tightly in his arms. It was strange how the simple fact of being right there in this protective circle made her feel warm, even if no real warmth came from either of them. She realized he was still quiet, and guessed it was surprise that had silenced him. He had obviously not expected her to be a vampire with him, for him, again.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you have immortality while I got old and wrinkly, did you?” she asked teasingly.

“You’re a vampire again,” he simply said, and there was an edge of wonder in his voice.

She lifted her cheek from his chest and moved her face up so that she could get a good look at him. There was the same puzzlement in his eyes, as if he didn’t dare believe still.

“Not just a vampire. Your Childe. And your Mate.”

Very lightly, she caressed the sharp features she knew so well and which at this instant showed so clearly his confusion. How to make him understand…

“If you are to stay in the shadows, I want to be there with you” she declared softly, putting all her love in her words. “If you have to drink blood, I want you to take mine. If you get to live forever, I won’t let you do it alone.”

Long ago, he had followed her into this hallucination world of hers where she wasn’t a vampire, wasn’t a Slayer. He had been ready to stay there with her, and had told her something she hadn’t forgotten. He had said that immortality was worse than death if you were alone. And he would have ended alone, sooner or later, if she hadn’t decided to be like him again. She had understood long before the human Spike had admitted it out loud that the one thing her Sire needed was to be loved, and to feel like he belonged.

“But you were human again”, he protested weakly. “You were so happy…”

“I was happy because you were by my side”, she interrupted. “You’re still here, so I’m still happy.”

And it was true. Yes, of course, it had been great to walk in the sun again, to go on picnics, to truly enjoy the taste of food, to do these little things, seemingly so insignificant, that humans could do, but vampires could not. Yes, she had dreamed, for the first time in her life, of starting a family, of having children with the man she loved. Yes, she would miss some of it. But she wouldn’t regret her choice. The decision hadn’t been hard to make at all, and she had not doubted for one instant that she was right. Years before, she would have hesitated. Hell, maybe even weeks before. But being human for those few days had allowed her to meet a part of Spike he had rarely ever revealed before, the part that was so clearly William. If at all possible, she loved him even more now that she knew all of him. The strong part he had always shown and that she needed so much in her life. The less secure one, the poet, whom she felt like protecting, like he was protecting her. If she hadn’t known any better, she could have thought that this last aspect of him was his soul. But after the last few days, she knew that it was there all the time, simply well hidden, and repressed by the demon. Maybe she would have to tell him it was alright for him to show that side, that she loved it just as she loved the rest of him.

She was still touching his face with light fingers when his eyes filled with tears, and she placed soft kisses on them, chasing the tears away.

“You’re not gonna get all broody on me again, are you?” she asked, and not all the worry in her voice was fake.

He grinned at her but did not say a word. She let out a surprised yelp when he rolled his body over her, switching their positions. His hands pinned hers above her head at the same time his lips sought her mouth. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth, nibbling on it gently for a while, before letting go and pushing his tongue past her parted lips. He explored her mouth methodically, stroking every surface, before lingering over that overly sensitive spot where her right fang hid. When he repeated the attention on the left side, she couldn’t stop her game face from emerging, and her descending fang nicked Spike’s tongue. She moaned as the rich nectar slid down her throat, rubbing her tongue against his to try and get as much of it as she could. She felt him change against her. Without thought, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and ran it against his fangs, caressing teasingly until he groaned. Only then did she allow the so sharp tip to slice and bring forth her own blood, and the groan turned into a deep purr.

Her hands were still immobilized by his, but now she ached to touch him, so she tried to free herself. She would have managed to, had she tried her best, but it wasn’t the time or place for a fight. He didn’t let go of her hands, but managed to secure both of them in one of his. His mouth glided down her throat until it was over the light scars that marked her as his Mate. They were even more sensitive than the first ones he had given her, and as his tongue flicked over them she lost all conscious thoughts. Her mind was consumed by this flame, which had been tiny so far but which was now roaring, that had been burning in her right after they had claimed each other and now again since she had awoken a vampire. Entranced, she didn’t notice what his free hand was doing until he pulled away from her, hands and mouth, and she found herself bound to the headboard by that long length of black silk he always kept under his pillow.

She could have howled in frustration as he slipped back into his human features and intently stared at her, baby blue eyes sliding over her exposed body but with no physical contact between them. She was about to give in, and either beg him or free her hands from their restraints, when he asked suddenly, his voice barely over a whisper:

“Up or down?”

She frowned at him, signifying she didn’t get his question, and he grinned wickedly. He lowered his face to the valley of her breasts and licked a path up one soft mound, circling the areola without touching it until she was squirming under him. He placed one quick lick on her hardening nipple, before repeating his actions with the other breast. She tried to remain still under his care, for when she moved the pressure he applied on her sensitive skin became less. Finally, as the sweet torture was becoming unbearable, he looked to her face.

“That was up”, he said, grinning again.

He scooted down the bed, nudging her legs apart until he was between her thighs, and she knew what was coming before he spoke.

“And this is down.”

She quivered in anticipation as his mouth descended on her. His tongue flicked her clit, just once, and she unconsciously raised her hips to force the contact. He chuckled softly, and glanced up at her.

“Was that your answer, luv?”

She nodded quickly, as talking was beyond her at the moment. She needed more, and she needed it now! Something on her face must have told him, for he returned to his ministrations. Again, her hips rose, and he pushed her back down gently with a hand on her stomach. She didn’t protest, though, because his tongue ran over her cleft, parting her lips, sending delicious shivers down her spine. He lapped a few times at the wetness that was flowing from her, purring like a big cat, before finally fastening his mouth to her clit. When he sucked on the engorged nub, she shut her eyes tight, and bit down on her lower lip, trying, and failing, to stifle a whimper. Next, he was nibbling on the flesh with blunt teeth. At the same time, his free hand found its way to her entrance, and one finger slipped in, soon joined by two more. Long digits pumped in and out of her, stroking her needy flesh in all the right places, while he continued alternating on sucking and nibbling. Too quickly, she was panting and urging him on with senseless words. Too quickly, she reached her climax and drowned in successive waves that had her arching under his unceasing touch until the pleasure became too much and started bordering on pain.

She almost managed to protest when he stopped and crawled up her body, but then he entered her still quivering core in one forceful thrust and the waves crashed down on her all over again. He remained immobile inside her until the sensations had calmed down slightly. As she finally was able to focus enough to look at him, he started gliding in her, slowly increasing his pace, his gaze locked to hers. The wave was threatening to take her once more, but this time she wanted him to ride it with her. Never breaking contact with his eyes, she angled her neck just a little, but the offer was unmistakable. In a second, he had vamped out and his mouth was on her, his fangs sinking in her flesh just as he pierced her one last time, filling her and drinking from her in the same instant. As the world exploded around her, a soft cry escaped Buffy’s lips. A single moaned word:


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