Memories… They Always Come Back to Haunt You

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Post Season 4. The summer is over and school is starting soon, but Buffy can’t forget her summer.

I Hate Goodbyes: Prologue

Buffy stirred slightly in her sleep as the annoying beeping of her alarm pierced her dreamy sleep. She yanked her pillow over her head trying to drown out the offensive noise. The noise still reached her ears, and defeated, Buffy hurled the pillow across the room.

“Would you shut that bleeding thing off?”

The voice came from the cold body sleeping next to Buffy. Buffy opened her eyes, and glanced over at the naked form next to her. He was lying on his stomach with the sheet covering the lower half of his body, but his smooth, pale, lean back was exposed. His head was resting on the pillow facing Buffy. His bleached hair was tousled, his mouth was slightly open, and his eyes were closed hiding the blue orbs that Buffy could always loose herself in.

Buffy sighed before reaching over, and switching off the alarm. Today was the last day of summer. Today Willow came home. Today everything was going to go back to normal. Today was the last day Buffy would wake up with Spike in her bed.

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