Thank you for coming to visit! After a few years down, a revised version of Nocturnal Light is coming back online. It is work in progress as all of the stories have to be re-added, but slowly and surely, all stories previously available on Nocturnal Light will once again be published here. Note that as some stories were very long, they were broken down into several posts. Use the tag for the story to find all associated posts!

Once Upon a Dream

Buffy storms to Spike’s crypt following his attempt to remove the chip. A heated encounter. Revelations are reached. Confessions are made. A vampire and a vampire slayer embark on a path less traveled together.


After clawing her way through her grave, Buffy seeks refuge with Spike.and reacts violently when those who tore her from Heaven attempt to likewise tear her away from her sanctuary.


Buffy awakens to a new world where the rules as she knows them don’t apply and nothing is as it was. Without her friends, without her calling, there is only one person who can save her from self-destruction.

In Omne Tempus

For a hundred years, William the Bloody has led a trail of bloodshed and chaos across Europe and the Americas. That all comes to an end when the woman he’s devoted his existence to brings his mate to him in the guise of a late-night snack. A small girl with eyes of green and blonde hair. And suddenly, Spike is thrown into a world of color beyond the black and white, and his life is never the same.

In Excelsis Deo

Post-Chosen, disregarding the AtS S5 plotline. Upon answering a desperate call a late autumn night, Wesley invokes the help of Fred in nursing a broken warrior back to health. A warrior that does not want to live but to see the face of a woman that has moved an ocean away.

Harbingers of Beatrice

Set in Season 5, post Triangle. Wolfram and Hart, host of the greatest evil acknowledged on Earth, attempts to restructure the Order of Aurelius, one vampire at a time. A soul hampers one, a chip harbors another, and a Slayer stands between them. The pawns are in place; it is simply a matter of who will move first.


‘Some knowledge and some song and some beauty must be kept for those days before the world again plunges into darkness.’ – Marion Zimmer Bradley.