20 Months

Total Chapters: 20

Buffy and Spike share a drunken night then decide to marry after Buffy finds out she is pregnant. They don’t love each other. They barely know each other. But they marry under the agreement to divorce one year and one month after Buffy gives birth in order to keep Buffy and the child away from Buffy’s abusive parents.

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Chapter 1: Up above

Current status pushed from her mind, Elisabeth Summers allowed herself a moment to inspect her surroundings. The entryway walls were painted in a pale green, trimmed in broad, mahogany stained wood. A classic oil painting of two children hung on the wall facing the embroidered red bench Buffy was currently occupying.

The floor was a deep gray marble and covered in heavy, multicolored, Persian rugs. As Buffy glanced towards the ceiling she allowed a small gasp to escape her mouth. A massive crystal chandler hung over the center of the great entrance catching light in a cascade throughout the room.

Buffy moved around the room lost in the grand till she came to the solid edge of the stairwell. ‘Up there He is making an ass out of us.’ She thought, a small sad smirk quickly passed her lips. She quelled the giggle which threatened to escape her lips. ‘No need to add hysteria to an already upset stomach.’

A door slamming caught her attention and Buffy quickly moved back to the bench.

“Just a sec Oz I’m gonna check the car. … No, I don’t know if it is in there or I’d say I am getting it from the car.”

At the sound of his voice Buffy began pleading for the bench to swallow her hole.

“Bloody hell man!” The voice began to travel down the stairs.

Buffy closed her eyes and began praying to any gods listening to take her anywhere but in this house. Just as he reached the bottom steps she opened her eyes and permitted a sigh of relief to escape her lips. He hadn’t even glanced in her direction as he turned towards a hallway to the side of the stairs. Just as she was about to check her watch, Buffy heard a second door open.

“Buffy! We’re leaving!” Xanders voice bellowed from above her.

“Sir if you could just be reasonable we could just sit down and… “

“I think I have had enough of reasonable. After what your kid did I think I am being reasonable enough!” Xander’s anger vibrated throughout the room as stormed down the stairs. Buffy tried to stay looking down but as Xander hand grasped her arm, her traitorous eyes glanced towards the couple above them.

“Xander,” Buffy began. “I need..”

“Later just get in the car. “

“But Xander, I…”

“Buffy! GET IN THE CAR” Xander’s face was bright red as he opened her door. Buffy quickly obeyed, flinching as her brother slammed his door. “Now what!”

“I left my purse.” She whispered.

“Damn it Buffy!” She flinched again as he slammed his fist on the wheel. ” Go get it but come right back.”

Buffy quickly opened her door and rushed back to the house. She swung open the door and quickly moved into the room to grab her purse. She snatched it from the bench and turned back to the door then froze as she heard a deep voice from above her.

” William, your mother and I need to speak to you in the study.”

“What Da? Just a sec. Yeah Oz, I’ll bring it by tomorrow.”

Buffy paled as she realized Spike was coming back down the hall. She couldn’t make it back out the door without being seen, but she began moving towards the exit. ” Here pet let me” Spike quickly grabbed the door handle before she could reach it.

“Thanks.” She mumbled her eyes facing down.

“Anytime love,” William ‘Spike’ Giles began. ” What’s your hurr..”

“William get up here now!”

“Just a bleedin sec Da! Now pet..” He began again. “What’s your hurry?”

Buffy glanced up only to be caught by a pair of deep indigo eyes, which suddenly opened wide in confusion. “Do I know you?” Buffy fought back tears as she glanced away.

“No, please excuse me.” She quickly moved past the handsome young man, forcing herself not to run back to the safty of her brothers car.


Author’s Note: This story is based on the book Separate Beds.


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