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Buffy Summers is a senior at St. Mary’s All-Girl’s Catholic School. She’s had it bad for her priest, Father William, for the past two years. After lusting for him for so long, she’s finally found a way to make her fantasies a reality and break down his virginal walls. However, his inner struggle with his faith and his desire for his student are constantly at war with one another. Will it only be an affair or will it turn into something more?

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Winner at the Indigo Crypt Awards for the Bad Dirty Wrong Award (Best NC17) and Runner-Up for the Randy and Joan Award (Best Spuffy). Winner at Cradle of Humanity for Best Smut and The Teacher’s Pet Award.

Author’s Notes: If you are at all religious or bothered by a 31 year old priest having sex with an 18 year old student, don’t read this and don’t flame me. I have warned you. Also…if you have problems with awesome sex like the kind involving a 31 year old priest and an 18 year old student, then I ask you to open your mind to the wonders of taboos because they are hot. There will be angst, there will be some emotional turmoil, but as the story progresses, my goal is to dissect these two characters fully, allowing YOU as the reader to understand them as well as perhaps think a little outside the box. May be reaching there, but it’s been a serious challenge for me as a writer and I hope you enjoy it.  While the smut will be abundant, and there will be some romance…please understand that my main goal for this is a character study so this will go beyond porn, ok?

Chapter 1: Punishment

“Bend over, Miss Summers, and put your hands flat on the desk.”

These were the words that haunted her every night, the words she craved hearing as often as possible. Physical punishment was often the last resort any priest or nun would issue a student, but it wasn’t at all uncommon. It only made Buffy try harder to get into trouble, just so that Father William would call her into his office to deliver unto her the mighty hand of God.

The very first day Buffy Summers came to the all-girls Catholic boarding school, she saw Father William and instantly fell for him. Of course, it was wrong on so many levels. At the time, she was only sixteen and he was twenty nine, and then there was the whole priest thing which really put a damper on romance. She flirted with him shamelessly and he never responded the way she’d hoped. But now that she had a bit of experience under her belt due to her summer vacations in New York with her cousin Faith, she came back to school her senior year bound and determined to get what she wanted. And she wanted Father William.

At first, he only punished her with Hail Marys and extra homework, so she upped the ante.

“Bend over, Miss Summers, and put your hands flat on the desk.”

Father William was a handsome man, by all definitions of the word; high cheekbones, wonderfully soft looking full lips, sparkling blue eyes, wild curly blond hair and a scar on his left eyebrow that no one knew how he’d received it. She imagined he had a nice body the way his black shirt hugged his torso and his pants tightened around his ass should he accidentally drop his chalk. He was her English teacher for the past two years and she always wondered how faithful he was to his God. She could have sworn that there was more than one occasion when she smelled whiskey on his breath, but she could have been mistaken. He, in all likelihood, was on the verge of corruption and she hoped to exploit that as soon as possible.

Buffy was only at this school because her parents loved foisting their responsibility on anyone available, and since this place had school and board, it was the perfect opportunity for them to spend the school year traveling without worry. The only things Buffy liked about the school were the cute little uniforms and of course, Father William.

“Bend over, Miss Summers, and put your hands flat on the desk.”

It was almost laughable how scheduled their little meetings were. Every Tuesday, she would roll the waistline of her skirt up as far as she could without exposing too much and go to English class. Father William’s jaw would clench and he would say, “Miss Summers, I see that you still have problems following our strict dress code and feel it necessary to defile your body by dressing indecently. You will meet me after classes are out.” Every time he said those words in his low, English accent that vibrated through her chest, her panties were flooded with moisture.

“Bend over, Miss Summers, and put your hands flat on the desk.”

“Yes, Father.” This was the fifth time that she received his abuse and he had yet to do any more than what he was required to do. While the pain and nearness of him was enough to get her off while alone, it wasn’t going to cut it for much longer.

Father William procured his yard stick and inhaled deeply as he walked behind his student. It was wrong, he knew, but something about this girl really got to him. He supposed that she deserved punishment, but so often? And in this way? Would God approve of this? He prayed nightly for God to give him the strength to resist temptation, but she was making things increasingly difficult. He was a sinner, he knew. A horrible priest, if you were to ask him. Every night he drank from a bottle that he hid in his desk and opened the windows to smoke a cigarette. Father William knew better, but these vices of his were hard to get rid of, especially when he was stuck in this place. And that was another problem. Shouldn’t a priest feel exalted in a house of God? Should a priest not feel joy being able to spread the word of God among children? But he never felt that way and he didn’t know if he ever would. The only joy he felt was when Miss Summers came into his office to receive punishment, and she received it so willingly.

“Look to the ground, not at me, Miss Summers,” he said sternly when she turned her head over her shoulder. If she looked at him while he did this, it would be the end. It was too suggestive a position already. Much better for her to face down and take it. Buffy lowered her head and gripped the edge of his desk, waiting for the first blow. He raised the yardstick and brought it down with a loud thwack onto her ass. She grunted when he made contact and licked her lips. She was already wet and he hadn’t even finished.

“One!” he shouted.

Then he did it again.


“Oh!” she moaned. He was really hitting her hard this time and it only turned her on more. She didn’t mean to moan, it was just a natural response. However, when “three” never came, she craned her head back to look at him and noticed that his eyes were screwed shut and his jaw was clenching as he squeezed the yard stick in both hands. So maybe he was…

“I said look down!” he shouted when he finally opened his eyes and caught her.

“Yes, Father!” She started panting and unknowingly arched her back as she waited for him. She could practically feel her insides begging for release.

William was using all his power to calm himself down. She was practically shoving her ass in his face and he really needed to control himself. She obviously had no idea what she was doing and he was a man of the cloth, not some sexual deviant taking advantage of a young girl, no matter if she was 18 now. She was still a student, and he was a priest. With more strength than necessary, he whipped the yardstick down hard on her ass.


“Ohhh!” she moaned loudly. He’d done it. Father William finally made her come. She took a moment to catch her breath but Father William spoke to her then.

“Stand up and get out of my office.”

His cool and even tone was almost frightening and when she stood and faced him, she swallowed. He looked as if he was on the brink of going mad and she couldn’t help but stare.

“Get out!” He threw the yard stick across the office and she squealed, running out of the room and slamming the door behind her. Father William walked over to his desk and sat down, burying his face in his hands. He was a monster. That poor, innocent girl didn’t deserve to be treated with such perversion…and he’d brought her to orgasm by spanking her. What if she told anyone? What if she was broken now because of what he’d done? And worse, what if he never had another chance to do it again?


Buffy didn’t know what changed that day, but something major had happened. The next day in class, she caught Father William on more than one occasion blatantly staring at her legs while the students were reading their assigned books. She would uncross and cross her legs and he would look away, afraid of being caught. But she’d already caught him. She chewed on the end of her pen and narrowed her eyes as she studied him.

At first, she thought he kicked her out of his office because he was angry with her for finding pleasure when she should be feeling remorse for her sins. But perhaps he was battling with sins of his own. Buffy thought maybe she was finally getting to him. Now it was time for phase two of her plan. Confessional.


“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”

“How long since your last confession?”

“Two weeks, Father.”


“I’ve been having indecent thoughts about a man of the cloth.”

Father William was silent for a moment, though she could hear his ragged breathing. “I see. And you are aware how blasphemous that is?”

“Yes, Father. But that’s not all.”


“I dream about him every night…and I like these dreams, Father. They’re very dirty.”

“Are you insinuating s-sexual dreams, my child?”

“Yes, Father. Very sexual dreams. Sometimes when I wake up, my panties are soaking wet. I can’t stop thinking about him.”

She could practically hear the gears turning in his head as he contemplated what she just admitted to him. “Meet me in my office after classes are out.”

Buffy smiled wickedly and stepped out of the confessional booth with a swing in her step. It was almost too easy. Well, two years of practice and a little over a month of actual work…but still. Easy as pie.


William sat in his office that evening, taking sips off the flask he had hidden in his desk. What was happening to him? Since the incident earlier that week, it was all he could do to stop thinking about Buffy. He contemplated going to confession but that might cause more problems than what he was already suffering. In all his 31 years, he’d yet to discover the pleasures of the flesh, having taken an oath of celibacy. It was never any concern to him, until now. Rather, until two years ago when she came into his life. He wasn’t proud of the way he relieved himself to her image, fantasized all sorts of perverted things that he wished he could do to her. Where was this coming from? Why now, why when he was trapped? Even if he did act on it, there would be nothing to come from it but disaster.

The most difficult problem out of all of this was that William knew…he knew that if he crossed that line, it wouldn’t be enough for him. One time would open the gates of Hell and he’d be bound to the temptation to take her again and again. So why had he asked her to come into his office? Perhaps there was still a way out of this. Perhaps he could merely speak with the girl and try to give her some guidance with her attraction to him, thereby absolving himself of any guilt. It all sounded very nice in his head, but he knew differently. William was going to go against his faith in God to fuck an eighteen-year-old girl and there was no sense in denying it any longer.

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