With a Rebel Yell

Altered events of Season 2. Due to circumstances beyond her control, Buffy finds herself at an 80’s Flashback night club where she finds the Billy Idol impersonator a bit, uh, familiar.

Strawberry Fields

Spike blanks out while searching for the Slayer, and finds himself in a magic-induced liplock. In the heat of confusion, he offers Buffy a truce, and throws a series of events in motion that will change both their lives forever. S.2, I Only Have Eyes For You. Veers drastically from canon.

Dancing in the Moonlight

AU, Season 2 post When She Was Bad. A prophecy unfolds just as a new Slayer arrives in Sunnydale. A cocky, British, platinum blonde Slayer with a devilish smile and a body to die for. And Buffy doesn’t know what surprises her more—the fact that he’s male, or the animal attraction that festers between them almost from the beginning.