Blue Horizons

All her life Elizabeth has done exactly what everyone expects of her. Now in her first year of college, she discovers the vast possibilities in life. But can she escape the ghosts of her past and find the courage to explore the new paths before her…including the affections of an infuriating young sophomore named William ‘Spike’ Giles?

Too Close for Comfort

Buffy is a freshman in college. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to sign up for college dorms in time so she has no other choice but to rent an apartment for the duration of the year. Since she doesn’t have enough money to rent one all by herself she has to put up with a roommate. Guess who? No, not Spike but the over-cheerful, bubble-gum, pop-princess – Harmony! She’s sloppy, she’s loud and basically the ‘Roommate from Hell’. Just when Buffy thought things couldn’t get worse, she brings home her boyfriend – Spike! And guess what? They’re LOUD!