Some Cold Lovin’, Las Vegas Style

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AU/Not set in any season. Basically, this is my attempt at a baby fic, and I’m rewriting Buffy’s whole slayer beginning. So let’s call it a AU fic, for the sake of argument. A vampire Spike, a pre-slayer Buffy, a night in Vegas….. oh the possibilities!

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Author’s Notes: Ok, blame this fic on Evenstar. She asked me to write a “spuffy baby fic” and my freakin god, how big of a challenge is that? Little hard to find a somewhat original story line, one that hasn’t been done before or whatever. So, what did I do? I obsessed over it. Damn you, Evenstar!! *shakes fist angrily*

Now, for my disclaimers. This was going to be an AU/AR fic, vampire spike, human Buffy. But then I decided to tweak how Buffy became the Slayer around, so FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS STORY, keep the following in mind. Oh and if this kind of thing bugs you, this FAR from canon, sorry. 1.Buffy didn’t become the Slayer when she was 15, she will become the slayer later on 2.Giles will be her first and only Watcher, no Merrick 3.There will be no Angel/Angelus drama, cos it just doesn’t work 4.I’m making Buffy older, 16 in the beginning of the fic, cos well, you’ll see.


Chapter 1

A pair of piercing blue eyes skimmed the endless sea of faces filling the casino, boredom slammed into him from all angles, blunt and powerful like a sledgehammer to his head. He didn’t know how long it had been like this, he had lost count along the way. Each night was a repeat of the last, nothing there to grab hold of him, to finally break the monotony of the hunt, of the kill. He had even parted ways from his companions of over a century, unable to tolerate even their presence and company a moment longer.But even that rash action hadn’t done anything to bring an end in sight, an end to this endless torment he now called his life. To say he was bored was like saying he didn’t cast a reflection, so obvious a statement, it wasn’t even worth mentioning. And the worst part was he didn’t even know WHY things were like this, why he felt this perpetual restlessness. It made no sense.

So he had come to Vegas, hoping the hordes of people might offer him something. Some little gem that would turn his undead life around and make life worth living. This was his third week in the big city, and he was slowly working his way through the hundreds of hotels that crowded the streets. To a vampire, Vegas was ideal, really. The casinos were alive with people day and night, and the lack of natural light in most casinos ensured that he could move around safely regardless of the time of day. There was no shortage of willing victims, women drawn to his bad boy good looks and his flash of money, usually dying with a smile on their face. Spike always took pride in that fact, that his victims got off on their deaths. Vegas was ridiculously easy to get away with murder, and Spike did so quite often.

But still, the boredom persisted, the niggling restlessness that didn’t want to leave, telling him that somewhere, there was SOMETHING….better? Different? He didn’t know. He only knew it wouldn’t go away, and the shell of the desperate poet that remained behind when his demon took hold could only hope that it was something that would make a difference. That would make him different. tThe demon that lurked in his body resisted that idea, but the poet couldn’t help but hope.

He was brought out of his reverie by a flash of blonde that struck a chord deep within him, his interest suddenly more than piqued. Well now, there’s a tasty little morsel, he thought, his eyes roaming up and down the girl’s slight form. He moved a little closer and put his enhanced senses to work.

Buffy was upset, there was no doubt about it. But then even wondered why she was so surprised. This is soooo Dad, she thought.

“Now honey, here’s some money. I want you to take a cab back over to the hotel.” Hank said, handing her a few bills.

“Why aren’t you coming again?” Buffy asked snottily, knowing full well the reason. Miss 34 DD standing next to her dad, popping her gum was more than enough reason as far as Hank was concerned. Yeah, there’s a winner for you, dad. Way to go.

“Now Buffy, I already told you. Missy invited me for cocktails.” Her dad replied, completely oblivious to the absolute wrongness of the situation. Buffy nearly gagged in disgust when her dad gave a leering look in Missy’s direction. Oh, pardon, in the direction of that oh so deadly cleavage. Those things should come with a warning label, Buffy thought bitterly. Could poke an eye out with the babies.

Giving a well patented eyeroll and a pained sigh, Buffy grabbed the money. “FINE. I don’t even see why you bothered to bring me with you, it’s not like we’ve spent any quality time together or anything.”

Hank laughed, as if Buffy had said the funniest thing on the planet. “Come now, honey. Our annual Vegas trip would hardly be a tradition if you weren’t here, now would it? I mean, we ALWAYS stay at Harrah’s, right sweety?”

Yeah, well, what about mom? Buffy gritted her teeth to keep a snide comment from escaping, she’d learned over the years that it wasn’t worth it. Her father was truly an uber-idiot where the family was concerned. And now? He’d broken up their little family with his disgusting little affairs, and Buffy was moving with her mom to a town called Sunnydale. But her mother had told her to go on this one last trip with her dad, feeling it was important to spend some time with her dad. And what was her reward? Now she was being sent back to their hotel, with a pat on the head, so her dad could be with his newest bimbo. Hurt and anger sliced through her, and after giving her dad one last telling look, Buffy spun on her heel and headed in the direction of the lobby. Once outside, she stepped into the taxi line, frowning at the scant number of taxis and the high volume of tourists waiting for transportation.

Spike had listened to this exchange with interest, noting the varied intense emotions that played over the girl’s face. He realized she was younger than he had first thought, still in her teens, most likely. Not that this was something of great concern to Spike, age wasn’t something he paid a great deal of attention to. When he saw the girl being dismissed by what appeared to be her father, a flicker of anticipation shot through him as he tracked the girl’s heated departure. With a wolfish grin, Spike quickly glided behind the throngs of people and followed her movements.

He saw her step into line for a taxi, and saw an opportunity offered that was too good to pass. With his usual confident stride, he slipped in right behind her. He saw her eyes settle briefly on him as he passed by her, and gave her a look of acknowledgment. Oh yes, of this flirting game, Spike had years of experience.

They both pretended to ignore the other for a few scant minutes, the vampire more aware of her than she could possibly ever imagine. Every scent, every rumble of the blood coursing through her body, it all spoke to him, assuring him that she was worthy of his attention. When the line had yet to move in the five minutes they had stood there, Spike gave an impatient growl.

“Where the bleedin hell did all these people come from?”

Buffy turned around and looked at the stranger behind her, shrugging in response. “I don’t know. I think maybe all these people were at the show that just got out.”

“Well, this isn’t going to do it.” Spike grumbled. He cocked his head and flashed the girl his endearing smile. “Fancy a walk, pet? Maybe there are more taxi’s the next hotel over.”

Buffy couldn’t help the suspicion that popped into her head at this stranger’s suggestion, but she was tempted, oh so very tempted. She had noticed him right off, and her stomach had done a strange little flip flop thing it had never done before when he had walked by her. Oh yes, she was tempted. And why not? The guy was gorgeous. Ok, older than her, no question there, but hello, major hottie standing a few feet away. And her dad DID just give her the brush off. Might as well enjoy the evening, she thought.

Spike smiled at the suspicion he saw glittering in her eyes, as well as her wavering indecision. He liked that. He didn’t like it too easy, and for some reason he didn’t want this girl to succumb to him too quickly either. “Name’s Will, by the way, in case your daddy told you not to go anywhere with strangers. And in which case, he’s right. It’s a bloody stupid thing to do.”

That made Buffy smile. “And yet you’re suggesting I do just that, with you?”

A cocky grin took over Spike’s face. “Well, yeah. I just introduced myself, now didn’t I? If anything, you’re the stranger here, luv.”

Buffy didn’t know why she found that so funny, but she did. Belatedly, she realized she had come out here in a really pissed off mood, and within minutes, this handsome stranger had charmed her right out of it. “My name’s Buffy.”

“Well, Buffy, what do you say we take us a little stroll?”

Buffy peered intently into brilliant blue eyes, and tried one last attempt at being rational. “Can I trust you?” She asked, half joking.

Spike nodded seriously. “Bloody right you can.” He didn’t even realize that the words he spoke were the truth, that realization wouldn’t come until much later.

Buffy nodded, and smiled, as she stepped out of line. Spike fell into step next to her, and they headed down the large circular driveway to join the crowds of people on the sidewalks. At the next hotel, they found the line for the taxi much shorter, and Buffy thanked Spike for his suggestion. When the bellhop asked where they were going, Buffy said “Harrahs” at exactly the same time Spike made his announcement. Looking at him quizzically, Spike just shrugged. “Guess we’re both headed the same place.”

Buffy should have began to wonder at that time, but she was too enraptured by this man showing her attention to notice the coincidence. And there was no doubt, this was a man. And the strange thing was, he seemed to know how young she was, asking her about school and different things. Buffy hadn’t lied to him, like she knew a lot of her friends would. This was some MAJOR salty goodness here, you didn’t get attention like this everyday. But the fact that she was jailbait didn’t seem to bother Will. Well, either that or she was reading the signals wrong. And she so thought she didn’t, she could feel it when he looked at her. It was like his gaze was….hot or something corny like that. But she felt it and it made her tingle in good places.

Sharing a cab had seemed like the logical thing to do, and Will was insistent that he pay the cab fare. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, Buffy finally demurred in the matter. When they walked in the glass doors, Buffy jumped slightly when Will grabbed her hand, a playful endearing look on his face. “Fancy something to eat, Buffy?”

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