Halloween Trick or Freak

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Spike and Buffy have a different type of meeting in Season 2’s Halloween episode due to Spike’s petty theft problem. The aftermath of a Halloween gone awry is always an interesting path.

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Author’s Notes: Okay, I’m pulling a Eurydice72, and posting in two chapters. Why? Because I’m Miss. Stickler for Rules girl, and have to have SOMETHING in on time!!! It’s going a bit on the long side, so that’s ok, right? *asks earnestly* This was written for Sadbhyl, and the requirements were: Spuffy (obviously, since it’s a spuffy ficathon) and
Up to two other characters (besides Spike & Buffy) – optional: Ethan, Joyce 1-3 Requirements: S2, heavy UST
1-3 Restrictions: No angst, no slash

So I bring you…. this! 🙂 Takes place during season 2’s Halloween episode, and uh… yeah. Many thanks to the beta-age of Spikeskat!! Thank you! You helped my Elizabeth soo much!!


Part 1

“Well! This is just… neat!” Spike exclaimed, looking around at the chaos erupting on the crowded the streets. Deciding his game face wasn’t enough of a costume to suit his present mood, he dipped his hand in the pocket of his duster and pulled out the item he had nicked earlier from the costume shop.

Tossing the plastic packaging carelessly to the ground, he pinned the metal star to the front of his leather coat. Satisfied, Spike resumed his casual stroll down the street.


Elizabeth looked around in a horrified daze, her urge to swoon nearly overwhelming. She was a gently reared young woman and the situation she had found herself thrust into was too much for her delicate constitution; the whole thing was most improper. Her breath hitched on a sharp gasp, and she once again gave serious thought to swooning. Surely that was a more ladylike action than screaming as she was wont to do at the peculiar scenario playing out before her eyes.

She ran into an alley, certain she had managed to escape that wretched thing from the obscure little cottage she had been led to. Picking up her skirts, she turned to make her way purposefully through the alley, when a filthy man with perfectly dreadful teeth suddenly accosted her. It was a pirate. Elizabeth had heard of such men and knew that not a lot of good came from them. They were scoundrels and pillagers of the worst sort, the whole lot of them.

The man grinned evilly, and slurred, “pretty, pretty, pretty.”

The air thickened with an odor so foul, Elizabeth nearly gagged, the stench overwhelming her refined senses. Too late, she realized the man was advancing on her, in complete disregard of propriety. A tendril of fear shot through her, as she took note of his improper advancement on her person, his eyes filled with something she couldn’t even begin to put a name to.

When he reached out for her, the situation took on a more sinister note, and Elizabeth shrunk back with terror. Spinning, she picked up her skirts in an attempt to flee, when his dirty, beefy hand suddenly clamped around her pristine wrist. She was forcefully wrenched around, and the crude man thrust his face into hers, his cracked lips searching for hers.

Elizabeth felt her first real stirrings of panic, hurtling beyond anything ever felt before. She was about to violated, and while the intimate details of such an act remained elusive, she knew enough to fear it happening this way. She could smell the overwhelming stench of his breath, the feel of his rough cracked lips, as they ground painfully against her own delicate ones, and felt a small piece of her slipping away, much as if the horrid events were happening to someone else.

Suddenly, a sharp click broke through his grunting symphony, and Elizabeth felt the hands that had begun to roughly seek her fleshy wealth beneath the voluminous fabric of her dress, cease their unwanted caress.

“It ‘pears to me like you need to pull in them horns there, pardner,” a low, rough voice drawled with deliberate assuredness. To Elizabeth, the western drawled voice was that of an angel. “So, why don’t you just back on off and leave the li’l lady be.”

The hands that had been holding her hostage, quickly fell away. Elizabeth wasted no time in putting distance between this brute and herself, looking down with immediate dismay at the disheveled fate her gown had suffered.

Quickly forgetting that she had almost been compromised, Elizabeth jerked her head up to give her beastly tormenter a small piece of her mind, when she was suddenly ensnared in web of shock. Her eyes met those of her rescuer, and sunk into the bluest eyes she’d ever laid claim to. She felt a swoon come on, for certain this time.

With a studied casualness, she watched as the newcomer brought the barrel of his gun to touch the brim of his hat, tipping it back off his face, while giving her a slow, lazy, nod. His eyes seemed to sparkle with shimmering appreciation as he regarded her. She found her own lips curling into a small smile, wishing suddenly for the fan she usually carried at all times.

Sensing their distraction, the man who had assaulted her decided to try his luck at escape, turning quickly to dart away.

Before he could take more than two steps, the newcomer had the previously re-holstered pistol out and Elizabeth watched as it danced in his hands, before the fine ivory handle finally struck a blow at the base of the fleeing man’s head. Elizabeth watched, mesmerized, as the evil man crumpled to the ground, rendered completely unconscious.

It had happened so fast, Elizabeth was sure she was standing there, mouth agape, simply staring. Ladies do not stare, echoed through her head, and she brought herself to quick attention to find her savior smiling with surprising familiarity in her direction.

“Kind sir, I would like to thank you for your… assistance,” She began primly, her hands itching for the familiar curve of her fan and parasol. Elizabeth found her eyes darting around nervously, once more taking in the unfamiliar buildings and surroundings.

“Much obliged, ma’am, glad to be of assistance,” the man drawled, tipping his hat once more in a mocking gesture of gentlemanly courtesy. He also cast a slow leisurely glance around, a frown settling over the full lips that had, just moments before, been full of amusement. “Wouldn’t happen to know where in tarnations we was, would ya?”

Elizabeth’s face briefly showed her surprise, before she quickly schooled her features into an expected mask of forbearance, one that she detested. “No, sir, I fear I am not in possession of such knowledge.”

He cocked his head to stare at her, wondering the reason for the tempered emotions. “So, what’s your name, pretty little filly?”

Her eyes reflected her confusion before she finally figured out his strange manner of speech. “Are you requesting an introduction?”

A laugh escaped, rich and throaty, an entirely too pleasing sound for her peace of mind. Elizabeth could feel her cheeks heat and knew her face was painted a bright scarlet under his close scrutiny. “Well, bust my gravy. Yeah, I think I am requesting an introoo-duction,” came the drawn out reply.

Elizabeth drew herself up, splotches of anger adding themselves to the shade of mortification that colored her cheeks. “You, sir, have deplorable manners. But since you have dispatched the only person I have ever met with even more deplorable manners than yourself, I will overlook your rudeness. My name is Elizabeth Anne Montgomery,” she revealed in her most haughty tone, the one she had long before perfected to drive unwanted suitors away.

This time, the hat came off and was clutched to his chest, as the man bowed slightly in front of her, the mocking grin still in place. “A pleasure, ma’am. The name’s Willie. Wallopin’ Willie, to some. Sheriff of this here town.” The infuriating man slapped his hat back on his head while looking around, a confused look replacing his smug, superior one. “Well, not this one, I don’t reckon. Where did you say we wuz again?”

“I didn’t,” Elizabeth retorted, trying to crush down the temper that always served to be her downfall. Meek and obedient she was not, much to her family’s chagrin. “I…” Whatever she was about to say was interrupted by the sound of a name being called from beyond the alley. “BUFFY!!”

Suddenly fear slammed back into her, and she found herself clutching Willie’s arm, his well-worn western duster soft and pliant beneath her tight grip. Just as the arm that lay beneath was hard and muscular. “Oh, sir, you must help me.” She gestured to the entrance of the alley. “Please,” she sobbed, mortified that she was so overcome by fright. “You have no idea the extent of their madness. I fear for my very life!”

Willie drew himself up, enjoying the feel of this damsel’s warmness pressed against him. Keeping the peace was his job, and one that he took very seriously. He may not know where he was, but danged if he was going to go all slack happy now, and abandon his post.

With a encouraging nod, he tipped the brim of his hat at her once more, and then was striding down the alley, his steps sure and deliberate.

Angel heard it first, the slow clank of metal sounding from the alley ahead of them. It sounded like… spurs? Then he hit upon a scent. Buffy, and he allowed himself to relax a fraction. Another scent drifted into his awareness, and his forehead furrowed in confusion. It was familiar, yet not. Much like Buffy’s scent had been altered.

A lone figure stepped out of the shadowed alley into the full glare of the street lights. “Howdy, folks.”

Cordelia exchanged looks with Angel, as recognition dawned on them both. “Oh great. Now we’ve got Frontier Man,” Cordelia announced derisively, crossing her arms across her chest.

Angel’s worry peaked when he recognized Spike, smelling Buffy’s presence close by. This did not bode well, and was, quite frankly, his worst fear. As she was now, Buffy was completely at the mercy of whichever vampire was lucky enough to cross her path, and Spike figured heavily into his concern.

Suddenly, Xander burst forward, his Uzi held threateningly in his capable hands. “Halt! Who goes there? Identify yourself.”

In the blink of an eye, a pair of ivory handled pistols appeared in Spike’s hands, pointed in Xander’s direction. Both men attempted to stare the other down, eyes unblinking. “Think you’d be wise to holster that pistol of yours, pardner. Don’t think you want me running your worthless hide in, now do ya?” Willie asked menacingly.

“Request denied,” Xander barked, stepping forward.

Angel grabbed at his arm, earning a hostile glare. “He’s a vampire,” Angel warned. “Your bullets won’t do much good. I’ll take care of this.” Soldier Xander gave a curt nod, and backed up a step, keeping his back rigid and prepared.

“Spike, what did you do with Buffy?” Angel asked, attempting to use his familial bond to control the vampire, finding himself unable to establish a link.

“Well now, not sure who this Buffy person is, or this Spike,” came the reply, the twin pistols now trained on the dark-haired vamp.

“Duh! You’re Spike,” Cordelia answered. “What is wrong with you people? Did everybody eat like a dipshit sandwich for breakfast?”

“The name’s Willie. Wallopin’ Willie Lyndon. I’m the long arm of the law around these parts.” Steely eyes bored into the group in front of him, all forced to bear witness that Spike was not in the drivers seat here. If the western accent hadn’t clued them in, the authentic dusty boots, dark jeans, and shirt would have given it away. His typical leather duster had been replaced by a western coat, and a black Stetson was perched rakishly on his head, effectively covering the platinum hair. Angel knew that Spike wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit, briefly wondering why he’d received the full getup when the other’s had just obtained pieces of the costumes they had borne.

“Sp- I mean, Willie. Where’s… Elizabeth?” Angel asked.

Willie’s eyes narrowed with suspicion, gauging this man in front of him. “The little lady is under my protection now,” he stated in a tone that offered no rebuke.

Angel sighed heavily, tipping his face to the stars. ‘Why me?’ he thought briefly.

“And unless you want a little lead in your hide, I suggest y’all just skedaddle,” Willie continued.

Elizabeth heard Willie’s words, and a strange sensation rushed through her at the timbre of his voice. Feeling her confidence returning to her, she decided to face her fear, rather than run off like she had earlier. She cringed at the pathetic weak creature she had presented before, letting the docile weak female take over, while she had fought against that stereotype for years.

Now determined, she stepped out of the alley, keeping her chin up in defiance. She made sure to halt right behind her savior, rather than at his side. She wasn’t that rebellious.

Angel caught the spark of fire now present in Buffy’s eyes, desperate to learn if the love of his life had returned to him. “Buffy?” He asked cautiously.

Tossing her hair back, Elizabeth bit out primly, “As I have informed you on several occasions, vampire, my name is Elizabeth.”

Willie sent a curious look over his shoulder. “Vampire?”

“I… uh… think that is what he is. I believe he is quite dangerous, and we would all be wise to be on our guard,” Buffy replied with less certainty.

Willie nodded thoughtfully, bringing up one six shooter to a more lethal position.

“God, why do I ever get mixed up with you people?” Cordelia ranted. “Did you, like, sprinkle stupidity on your cornflakes or something? You’re a vampire too, you gun-toting idiot.”

“Well, if that don’t beat all,” Willie replied with a wide amused grin. “Me, a vampire.” He looked behind at Elizabeth. “You sure as shootin’ wasn’t lying about the madness. This gang is hang dog crazy.”

A small chord of recognition struck Elizabeth suddenly, only to be gone the next second, while she continued to watch the confrontation. She nodded in agreement, shooting them a haughty glare. “Yes, quite. I fear they must have escaped from an institution.”

We’re crazy?” Cordelia asked, aghast. When she opened her mouth to continue her tirade, Angel cut her off with the wave of a hand.

“We’ve got to get her away from him,” Angel announced quietly.


Willow chose that moment to walk through the building they were standing in front, a sly grin on her face. “This is so cool!!” she exclaimed excitedly, trying to decide who she could go scare next.

“Jumpin’ josephat!” Willie exclaimed, training his sharp six-shooter on the scantily clad newcomer.

Elizabeth stood up on tips of her toes and whispered in his ear, “It’s one of them. I believe I informed you something was amiss.”

Willow did a double take when she saw who Elizabeth was huddled behind. “Spike??!!”

A familiar cocky grin flashed. “Aww shucks, don’t know about that…” Suddenly remembering ladies were present, Willie wisely didn’t finish that statement.

Willow looked over the others, confusion filling her face.

“Do I have permission to terminate the enemy?” Soldier Xander barked suddenly, causing more than one jolt of surprise.

“No! There will be no terminating… of any kind!” Willow exclaimed.

“You have no authority to give orders, ma’am.”

Willow rounded on Soldier Xander, prepared to once again bring him over to her way of thinking, with Angel and Cordelia adding their comments. They didn’t realize that the intended targets had slipped away into the night, and Cordelia had no hesitation in letting Angel know exactly what she thought of his skills as a stalker.

Unfortunately for them, Willie’s skills at hiding their trail were flawless, even in these modern times he found himself in. There was a niggling at the back of his skull, something that found all of this familiar, but he worked desperately to push it away.

Willie even found Elizabeth familiar at times. Especially when she would flash her green eyes at him, and give him a few lashes of her tongue. ‘Wouldn’t mind her tongue lashing somethin’ else,” rose unbidden to his forethoughts, causing him to harden painfully in his jeans. He was forced to throw his pelvis forward to relieve a bit of the pressure, as they walked down a strangely paved road.

“Do you always walk in such an obscene manner?” Elizabeth asked disdainfully, noticing the exaggerated swagger of the man next to her. Much to her dismay, she found her gaze drawn to the muscles that were being prominently displayed beneath the western duster. Mortification overtook her as she realized that she liked what she saw.

The infuriating man refused to give her the common courtesy of an answer. Rather began to grin like a mad man, causing Elizabeth to blush a stunning crimson.

Willie could hear her heart rate escalate, and could only guess the reason for it. Then a thought struck him. How in tarnation could he hear her heart beating?

Before he could give that thought any more consideration, a scream sounded through the air, bringing him to full attention.

“Oh good heavens! I do believe someone is in need of assistance!” Elizabeth cried, her eyes searching the deserted street. “Oh, I do hope there is a constable around.”

“There is,” Willie announced, striding purposefully in the direction the scream had come from.

“Sir, I beg your delay on this matter.” She picked up her skirts and gave chase. “I am in need of your protection!”

He turned so suddenly, that Elizabeth was unable to keep herself from running into his chest. A firm chest, she realized fleetingly, as her hands splayed out against it. They regarded each other intently, eyes burning into the other, both feeling something trying to crawl its way out of their memories.

“I… I… I don’t think I like you,” Elizabeth breathed, unable to tear her gaze away, focused keenly on his full lips.

Strong hands gripped her waist. “And I sure as shootin’ don’t think I like you either,” Willie growled. “But… I know I want to do this.” Without hesitation, he dipped his head down and captured her lips in a searing kiss, one that was so unlike her first and only kiss just moments before.

Heat sizzled through Elizabeth, forbidden heat in forbidden places, as she found her arms snaking up and wrapping themselves around Willie’s neck, almost of their own accord. She felt his arms slip around her waist, and she was drawn impossibly close. Even through the yards of fabric, she could feel the hardness of his body.

This was wrong. She shouldn’t be doing this, she knew it, but the sensations snaking their way through her body made it impossible to stop. Elizabeth wanted more. For once, she understood the urges of women that had only been whispered about behind her back. Understood it, and wanted it. She didn’t know why it was him, this… westerner, but he made her burn in a way she never thought possible.

A small moan escaped her mouth, and she felt his beautiful lips leave hers to trail a cool path along her jaw down to her neck. New sensations hit her, the least of which the coolness of his skin, and her head tipped back to give those lips more skin to work with. All sense of propriety had left her, and she found herself not bothered by it, in the least.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp prick replace the loving sensation of Willie’s lips, and she stiffened in his embrace. She heard a moan of ecstasy released, and his hips ground against her with a heightened frenzy. Suddenly, she felt a pulling sensation where his mouth was attached to her neck, and she gasped, almost frightened by the sudden surge of desire that flooded her.

Abruptly, she pushed Willie away in blind panic, gasping in shock at what greeted her when he fell to the ground. Confused yellow eyes peered up at her, blood dripping from teeth that were much too long to be normal. Willie was like the other one. Angel. Elizabeth slapped her hand to the gaping wounds on her neck, her breath coming in faster, as panic began to ensue.

“Well, if that just don’t beat all,” Willie announced in a perplexed tone. He jumped up to his feet, using his index finger to clean the remaining blood dribbling down his chin, before sucking it off his finger. “You’re kinda tasty,” he added as an afterthought.

Elizabeth shrunk back in terror, shuddering when the yellow eyes changed back to the blue she had been so mesmerized with all evening. “You, sir, are a… a…

His baffled expression turned concerned when he saw Elizabeth’s pending flight. “Hey now, little filly. Ain’t gonna hurt a hair on that purty little head of yours. Just took me by surprise, is all.”

He looked so sincere, that Elizabeth halted her escape and let him walk up to her. With everything that had happened this evening, her gut instinct seemed to be homing in on this particular man, and she wanted to trust that it knew what it was talking about.

“I will thank you to keep your teeth to yourself in the future, Sheriff,” Elizabeth ordered boldly, tipping her chin up to meet his eyes. She could practically feel the imprints of his hands on her, and suddenly had very improper thoughts.

A pleased smile slid across the angular handsome face. “Does that mean I gets me another kiss?”

Again, Elizabeth’s pulse rate jumped at his question, and she didn’t dare think, just gave in to what her emotions were telling her. Because if she thought about it, she would be pulled back into the utter impropriety of the situation. Leaning towards him in anticipation, she offered him her lips…

Her eyes had just fluttered shut when there was a visible shift in the air. With a strangled gasp, all traces of Elizabeth were flung into the past, and Buffy was brought forward, finding a pair of hard lips pressed against her own. Her spider sense was tingling with a raging fury, and she jumped back in shock.

Her eyes met those of her mortal enemy, who appeared every bit as confused as she herself was. “S-spike?”

“Slayer?” he ground out, taking a cursory look around at his surroundings. “What in the bloody fuck just happened here?”

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