Finding the Way Home

Sandy S.

Buffy doesn’t feel quite right after the gang goes to L.A. for rest and relaxation. This story takes place after the series finale of BtVS and continues Buffy and Spike’s story after the short piece, Finding the Way Home (the Prologue in this story).

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Some Cold Lovin’, Las Vegas Style


AU/Not set in any season. Basically, this is my attempt at a baby fic, and I’m rewriting Buffy’s whole slayer beginning. So let’s call it a AU fic, for the sake of argument. A vampire Spike, a pre-slayer Buffy, a night in Vegas….. oh the possibilities!

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The Poet and His Muse

Addie Logan

Recently dumped and still bitter, William “Spike” Pratt is having difficulty finding inspiration for his second book of poetry—despite his rapidly approaching publishing deadline—when fate steps in and Spike is given his very own muse. But what happens when he finds himself falling for her? Can love exist between two people from such different worlds?

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Touch of Jealousy, Part 2


Sunnydale, Buffy, Spike and the entire gang are seniors in high school. When Buffy and Spike discover that their respective counter parts (Dru and Angel) have been macking on each other their heartbroken and decide to get them back by making them jealous. How is that achieved, by pretending to be an item, problem is that every one in the high school know that Spike and Buffy HATE each other. How will they convince them? Inspired in the movie “Addicted to Love”.

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Fix You


Desperate times call for desperate measures where the First is involved. In order to prevent the end of the world, Buffy asks Willow to do a spell that’s supposed to fix everything, and Spike goes along for the ride.

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Life post Acathla was anything but simple for a broken-hearted Slayer. Kicked out of home and thrown out of school, Buffy thought she’d had nothing left to lose. She was very wrong. Killing Angel broke her already damaged heart and sent her on a self-destructive path. When she hit rock bottom the last person she’d ever expected to see again forces her to reconsider the course her life is on. Post ‘Becoming Part II’.

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The Intern Part 2


Part Two of the Office Ficlet Series. As per reader’s request, the sequel to “The Intern”. Here’s another one-shot, the date.

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Post Showtime. Buffy cares for an injured Spike, and in so finds that she’s the one in need of healing.

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To Sin-Divine!


Buffy isn’t feeling well… does Spike have something to do with it?

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