Site of the Moment Awards

  1. Heart and Soul
  2. The Bloodshedverse
  3. The Spuffy Realm
  4. Captive Souls
  5. A Sort of Fairy Tale
  6. Beautiful Freak
  7. Tranquil Daydreams
  8. When Buffy Smiles
  9. The Hardest Thing
  10. Vampire's Kiss
  11. A Slayer's Night
  12. Blond Mettle
  13. Empty Canvas
  14. Enlightenment
  15. Always You

Fic of the Moment Awards

  1. Haunted by Kantayra
  2. Remember Me by Margie
  3. Bloody Soul by Kallysten
  4. Harbingers of Beatrice by Holly
  5. Can I Keep You? by candyknicks
  6. Little Buffy by Zarrah
  7. The Great Advantage of Being Alive by Enigmaticblue
  8. Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum by Kallysten and Kantayra
  9. Fate, Faith, and Family by Brat
  10. Something Worth Fighting For by Moxie
  11. Come Undone by Lady Wenham
  12. No Vacancy by Kindred
  13. Lost In Time by SpikesKat
  14. A Symphony of Echoes by Eurydice