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September 09, 2009: An Update-Finally

Sorry for the lack of updates. I got distracted by yet another scrumptious blond, blue-eyed, evil vampire. If you haven't checked out HBO's True Blood, I highly recommend it, along with the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, too.

Anyway, on with the Spuffy! Sorry there's only 1 new story, but there was a lot to update. Will have more soon.

Changeling by Satindoll: Ch. 25 [FINISHED]
Sunsets by Abby: Epilogue [FINISHED]
Lies by Pet: Ch. 34-35 [FINISHED]
The Song Remains the Same by SMac: Ch. 80
Dare to Dance by Dusty273: Ch. 6
Corruption by dampersandspoons: Ch. 30 [FINISHED]
Against All Odds by Dusty273: Ch. 24
Little Miss Not So Innocent by OKDeanna: Ch. 4-5 [FINISHED]
Scream for Me by OKDeanna: Ch. 5
Belly of the Beast by OKDeanna: Ch. 8-10
Soul Meets Body by DoriansKitten: Ch. 10
Disillusioned by Megan: Ch. 23
Origins: Resolutions by Niamh: Ch. 30-34
Working My Way Back to You by Bogwitch: Ch. 30
Promised by DoriansKitten: Ch. 22-24
The Writing on the Wall by Holly: Ch. 22-24
Forward to Time Past by Unbridled Brunette: Epilogue [FINISHED]
Making Waves by angelic_amy: Ch. 39-40

New Story:
Moving Target by Holly [NC-17, FINISHED]


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