Past Updates

September 28, 2008: Updates

The formatting on all the stories that were previously updated has been fixed. Here's what I was able to update today, however, it'll be another update before I can catch up and add new stories.

If you're on LiveJournal and would like to know when NL gets updated, I've created a syndication feed for the site: [info]nlupdates. You can view the site's updates right from your friends list!

Updated Stories
Lies: Chapter 6-14
Forward to Time Past: Chapter 64-65
Origins: Resolutions: Chapter 21-23
Into the Night: Chapter 3-4
Safe in My Own Skin: Chapter 9
Great Balls of Fire: Chapter 4
Working My Way Back to You: Chapter 26
Southern Comfort: Chapter 6-10 Finished
Chirality: Chapter 17
Dare to Dance: Chapter 3
Welcome to the Jungle: Chapter 5-6
Promised: Chapter 15
Murphy's Law: Chapter 27-28
Against All Odds: Chapter 16-17
Closure: Chapter 13-22

Posted by Yani