Past Updates

September 28, 2007: Update

Sorry I'm a little late updating, I had the flu. I'm all better now, and updated some pretty good stories:

A Love Like Ours - Chapter 5

Brothers in Arms - Chapters 6-10

Deliverance - Chapters 4-8

Fix You - Chapters 35-36

Forward to Times Past - Chapter 46

Future Sins Past - Chapters 42-43

I Know You, II - Chapters 21-25

Origins: Resolutions - Chapter 8

Parting Gifts - Chapters 15-17 

Posted by Rose

September 17, 2007: Small Update

Chirality: 16
A Love Like Ours: 4
Ripping Down the Walls: 21-Epilogue [Complete]
Summer Nights: 3 [Complete]

New Stories
Dimming of the Day by Enigmaticblue [PG-13,  Complete]
Downward Spiral by Rikki_oko [NC-17, WIP]

Posted by Yani

September 15, 2007: For Your Reading Pleasure

Changeling: 22
Forward to Time Past: 45
I Know You, II: 19-20
Last Orders: 7-Epilogue [Complete]
The Last Storm: 24
A Love Like Ours: 3
Making Waves: 29
Origins: Revelations: 7
Out of the Past: 4-5
Personal Attention: 23
The Triple Fool: 25
Working My Way Back to You: 22

New Stories
And Then She Knew by Addie Logan [PG, Complete]
Brothers in Arms by Sway [NC-17, WIP]
Summer Nights by SpikesDeb [NC-17, WIP]

New Affiliate
Welcome to my newest affiliate,  Slaymesoftly's Spuffy Stuff!

If you would like to be one of NL's affiliates or family members, just let me know! :o) 

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September 09, 2007: A tiny Update

A  tiny update before my time is up.

NEW Story: 

I Know You II by Slaymesoftly  -Sequel to Prologue to Life - I Know You.    Chapters 1-18


Last Orders by SpikesDeb  - Chapter 6

Posted by Adriana

September 08, 2007: New Stories and Updates!!

It's MY time of the update!!

New Stories by Holly:

A Love like Ours  Chapters  1-2

Ghosts Appear and Fade Away  One-shot Complete

New Story by SpikesDeb:  Last Orders   Chapters  1-5  

Updated Stories: 

Fix You by Enigmaticblue   Chapters 32-33

Ripping Down the Walls by Megan   Chapters 17-20

The Last Storm by DreamsofSpike  Chapter 23

Future Sins Past by DreamsofSpike  Chapter 41

Forward to Time Past by Unbridled Brunette  Chapter 44

Stay Tuned!  We have more great stories coming up!


Posted by Adriana