Past Updates

September 24, 2006: Update

I did an update mid-week, but managed to forget to announce it. I'll include here what's been updated since the last official update.

Manifest Destiny : 21-22
Beg the Liquid Red : 22-23
Corazón Salvaje (Wild Heart) : 38
Tempus de Muto: 25
Been Here Too Few Years : 53-59
Octobuffy: 5

New Stories
Soul Searching by Weeza [PG-13, COMPLETE]
The Poet and His Muse by Addie Logan [NC-17, WIP]
Possession by Ameeya [NC-17, WIP]
The Headstone by Ameeya [PG, COMPLETE]

Lastly, I added an RSS feed to the site, for anyone who prefers to get their updates that way. :o)

Posted by Yani

September 04, 2006: An Update... Finally!

Sorry about the delay in updates. Hopefully the next one won't take as long...

Indigo Overture: 19 [COMPLETE]
For Love of a Wolf: Alric's Story: 8
The Rest of My Life: 50-51
Come Back to Me: 24
Been Here Too Few Years: 47-52
Beloved in Blood: 42-52 [COMPLETE]
Corazón Salvaje (Wild Heart): 37
The Song Remains the Same: 56
Deep Purple: 10-Epilogue [COMPLETE]

New Stories
Lucky Strike by Uisge Beatha [NC-17, WIP]
Beg the Liquid Red by Eurydice [NC-17, WIP]

New Author
Oracleholly: A Slayer's Path [NC-17, COMPLETE]


Posted by Yani