Past Updates

August 27, 2007: Updates

And it's my time to update:

Forward to times past: Chapters 11-43

The Eternal Rocks Beneath: Chapters 6-16

Fix you: Chapter 31

Come back to me: Chapter 30

Future Sins Past: Chapter 40


Posted by Rose

August 21, 2007: More Stories for Your Entertainmnet

Lodestone: Epilogue [Complete]
Out of the Past: 2-3
Origins: Resolutions: 6
Echoes: 33-Epilogue [Complete]
Ripping Down the Walls: 15-16
Strawberry Fields: 19
Fix You: 30

New Story
Steam by Holly [NC-17, Complete]

New Authors
jnharrow: The Eternal Rocks Beneath [NC-17, WIP]
Unbridled Brunette: Forward to Time Past [NC-17, WIP]

I would have loved to add more, but sadly, work calls.

I do want to do one last announcement, though... Don't forget that the Spuffy Directory is also available for anyone that has a Spuffy site and would like to add a link from NL.  If you would like to add your website, just go to the Join page and fill out the form! Just please be sure to read the Rules, first!

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August 14, 2007: And More Updates!

My turn! My turn! Rose, Adriana, and I have split the job of updating the fanfic archive. Now, it's my turn!

Before we get to that, though...

Happy Very-Belated Birthday to Nocturnal Light!!!

As of August 5, NL is officially 4 years old! My, how times flies!

And now for the updates...

The Art of Immortality: 7-8
Changeling: 21
Echoes: 30-32
Fix You: 28-29
Safe in My Own Skin: 4
Strawberry Fields: 18
Tempesta di Amore: 15

New Stories
The Underground by yutamiyu [PG-13, Complete]
Tartarus by yutamiyu [R, WIP]
The Rose Remembers by Eurydice and Pepperlandgirl [NC-17, WIP]

New Authors
Slaymesoftly: Prologue to Life/I Know You [NC-17, Complete]
Spikeslovebite: Goodnight, Saigon [NC-17, Complete]
Caro Mio: Just A Simple Case [R, WIP]

That's all for now. Hope you enjoy! :o)

Posted by Yani

August 10, 2007: New Updates

 Origins:  Resolutions   Chapters 4 and 5

The Last Storm    Ch. 22

Echoes  Chapters 28 and 29

Two New Stories by Schehrezade!! 

Out of the Past      Ch. 1   and Lodestone   Ch.1


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August 05, 2007: Updates

The Last Storm    20-21

Future Sins Past   37-39

Echoes   24-26

Oedipus Calling  Now Complete

Ripping Down the Walls 12-14

More updates coming soon!!

Posted by Adriana