Past Updates

August 12, 2006: Small Update

Sorry for the small update. I've spent the whole day travelling and I'm rather drained, but I didn't want the week to go by without an actual fic update. So...

Deep Purple: 8-9
Beloved in Blood: 38-41
Corazon Salvaje: 36
The Song Remains the Same: 55

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August 08, 2006: Sweet Temptation

If you got here while trying to get to Sweet Temptation, please note that there is a new url: I'm having trouble with the re-direction, so really sorry about this. Hope to have the issue fixed soon.

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August 05, 2006: Happy Birthday, Nocturnal Light!

On this date, 3 years ago, quite possibly around the wee hours of the night like now, Nocturnal Light went live for the first time, with the incredible assistance of a girl named Aimee. At the time, I knew diddly squat about site design and scripting, so trust me when I say that Aimee really saved what would have been a craptastic site. NL has evolved tremendously since then, but I'm thrilled that it's still alive and that many of you actually enjoy it! I never would have imagined it to blossom like it has, and yet here we are...

Thank you to everyone who has ever left a kind word on any of the various incarnations of the NL Tagboard, the Guestbook, on my LJ, hell... in person!! Thank you to everyone that has visited and stayed for a good read or to browse the screencaps and photos. All of your interest and support is what keeps NL alive!

Now, enough with the mushy and on with the fic!

Deep Purple: 5-7
Beloved in Blood: 35-37
Been Here Too Few Years: 45-46
For Love of a Wolf: Alric's Story: 7

New Author
angelic_amy: A Mother Knows Best (PG-13, Complete), Making Waves (R, WIP)

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