Past Updates

July 31, 2006: Media & Stories

The photo and screencaps gallery is now back, under a new name: Media. There you will find all the photos and caps that were previously available. Also, I've added a few new Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters photos.

And now, the new and updated stories...

Beloved in Blood: 34
Married by America: 13

New Story
Been Here Too Few Years by Addie Logan (NC-17, WIP)

New Author
The Song Remains the Same by Sara M (NC-17, WIP)

Please be sure to leave positive reviews for any story that you read! Let the authors know that you are enjoying their stories and/or provide constructive criticism. One review can go a long way for an author!

Posted by Yani

July 28, 2006: Small Update

Updated a couple of fics and added a couple of new authors...

New Authors
Ameeya: Beloved in Blood (NC-17, WIP)
Mykia: The Light on the Dark Side of Me (NC-17, WIP)

New Story
Deep Purple by Megan (R, WIP)

Updated Stories
For Love of a Wolf: Alric's Story by SpikesKat: 6
Corazón Salvaje (Wild Heart) by Dusty273: 32-35

Posted by Yani

July 27, 2006: Review Form Fixed

Thank you very much to Denise for letting me know that the review form was broken. It's been fixed and it should be working properly now!

Also, thank you to Jen, Cordykitten, Lisa and Denise for signing the Guestbook and Tam, Sway, Amy, Lisa and hotlipedjen for commenting on the tagboard! Really, I appreciate all of your comments!

Posted by Yani

July 27, 2006: Back in Business

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while I worked on re-vamping Nocturnal Light!

The site is now back, and I will really try my hardest to keep it all up-to-date! The Fanfiction archive might not look all that different, but it has been completely re-designed to make updating 100 times easier, and hopefully, a lot easier to browse.

Also, a Spuffy Links Directory has been added. How is this different from the last links page? Well, with this new directory, you provide the links to your sites! Anyone with a site can join, just please be sure to read the rules before applying!

Lastly, the screecaps and photo gallery is currently offline! Don't panic! It's not gone! I just have some kinks to work out, but it will be back very soon!

Wait, one more thing... sign the Guestbook!! Got a brand new Guestbook, with no entries, so any feedback you have would be really appreciated!

Thank you, and I really do hope you enjoy the "new" site!

Wait! Really, the last thing... and I can't believe I almost forgot this... Major thanks to Sandy S. for the beautiful banner! She gave it to me as a gift to use for the new NL, and I can't thank her enough for her thoughtfulness!

Posted by Yani