Past Updates

June 09, 2009: Update Follow-Up

I went a little copy/paste happy yesterday while doing the update and failed to realize that I marked The Struggle for Good by ya_lublyu_tebya as Complete. The story is actually a WIP. Oops.

I also failed to announce that Nocturnal Light received a lovely prezzie at the Running With Scissors Awards! Lookee!

Running With Scissors Awards: Best Fanfiction Archive

Pretty isn't it? Many thanks to all the judges and mods at Running With Scissors Awards!

Last, but not least, the nomination periond at Spuffy Awards ends THIS Sunday, June 14! If you haven't sent in your nominations, time is running out!

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June 09, 2009: Updates

No month-long wait this time!

Because by Holly: Ch. 5 [FINISHED]
Belly of the Beast by OKDeanna: Ch. 6-7
College is Awesome! by dampersandspoons: Ch. 13
Dare to Dance by Dusty273: Ch. 4-5
An Unaccomplished Fate by Enigmaticblue: Ch. 22-23
Human Resources by dampersandspoons: Ch. 5-7
Lies by Pet: Ch. 30-33
Little Miss Not So Innocent by OKDeanna: Ch. 2-3
Making Waves by angelic_amy: Ch. 37-38
Nemesis by Holly: Ch. 15-21 [FINISHED]
The Return by ya_lublyu_tebya: Ch. 29-30
The Song Remains the Same by SMac: Ch. 79
Soul Meets Body by DoriansKitten: Ch. 9
Working My Way Back to You by Bogwitch: Ch. 29
The Writing on the Wall by Holly: Ch. 24

New Stories:
Can I Lay In Your Bed All Day? by ya_lublyu_tebya [R, FINISHED]
Crisis by dampersandspoons [NC-17, FINISHED]
Lady in Red by PaganBaby [NC-17, FINISHED]
The Struggle for Good by ya_lublyu_tebya [R, WIP]
The Thin Red Line by dampersandspoons [NC-17, FINISHED]

New Authors:
Bake Me a Bloody Cake by Abby [NC-17, FINISHED]
Lost by Abby [R, FINISHED]
Sunsets by Abby [PG, FINISHED]
Whispers by Abby [NC-17, FINISHED]
Don't Stop by NautiBitz [NC-17, FINISHED]
In Heat by NautiBitz [NC-17, FINISHED]
Peaches & Herbs by NautiBitz [NC-17, FINISHED]

Hope you give NL's new authors a very warm welcome! Enjoy and don't forget to review. :o)

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