Past Updates

June 28, 2008: Updates!

The Eternal Rocks Beneath: Ch. 20
Working My Way Back to You: Ch. 25
Against All Odds: Ch. 13
A Soul to Seduce: Ch. 23
Future Sins Past: Ch. 58
Latter Days: Ch. 22
Take a Chance: Ch. 21 - 34
Learning Curve: Ch. 3 - 4
Parallel Lives: Ch. 9 - 13
Murphy's Law: Ch. 22 - 23
Corazón Salvaje (Wild Heart): Ch. 49

New Stories
The Start of Something by DoriansKitten [PG, Finished]
Discovery by Caro Mio [PG-13, Finished]
What If I'm Not the Slayer? by Caro Mio [PG-13, WIP]
Skull and Dagger by Kantayra [NC-17, Finished]
From These Seeds by Pfeifferpack [NC-17, Finished]
What You Wished For by Pfeifferpack [R, Finished]

New Authors
Closure by Eowyn315 [R, WIP]
Being Somebody Else by Eowyn315 [PG-13, Finished]
The Fire Within by Eowyn315 [NC-17, Finished]
Saving You by Pet [NC-17, Finished]
Healing by Pet [NC-17, WIP]

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June 18, 2008: Another Small Update

Brought to you by the woefulness that was Game 6 of the NBA Finals. *sniffle*

Media Gallery
I re-uploaded a few much higher quality images in the SMG album and added 10 new photos, also high quality. Definitely not dial-up friendly.

Murphy's Law: Ch. 21
Parallel Lives: Ch. 8
Latter Days: Ch. 21
Belly of the Beast: Ch. 2

New Stories
Dawn's Wish by Caro Mio [PG-13, WIP]
Hearts Breaking Even by Slaymesoftly [NC-17, Finished]

New Author
Prior Claims by DoriansKitten [NC-17, Finished]
Promised by DoriansKitten [NC-17, WIP]

Thank you for the suggestions you've been sending me! I certainly do welcome more, so go ahead an email me what you'd like to see archived at Nocturnal Light! You can email me at

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June 15, 2008: Small Update

If I Hurt You, Will You Still Love Me?: Ch. 3-4 FINISHED
Victims of Fate: Ch. 42-46 FINISHED
Parallel Lives: Ch. 7
Southern Comfort: Ch. 5
Latter Days: Ch. 20

New Story
Temptations of the Heart by Zarrah [R, Finished]

Fic Recommendations
Suggestions for stories to add to the Nocturnal Light Archive are always welcome! Read a story you think should be added to the archive? Perhaps you're an author who'd like to see your work up on NL? Just email me ( a link to the story/ies and, if you're not the author, the author's email if you have it. I welcome all fic recs, as long as they're Spuffy. :o)

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June 12, 2008: Fic Updates

Shameless Plug
Round 15 at Spuffy Awards is now in full swing! Read a story you absolutely loved? Make use of the handy "Nominate this story @ Spuffy Awards" link on every story and half the work is done for you! So, go and have fun nominating! You'll definitely be making an author's day. :o) And mine too, 'cause I love seeing nominations come in!

Story Updates
The Triple Fool: Ch. 28
Awaken to Danger: Ch. 8
Blood Debt: Ch. 3
Origins: Resolutions: Ch. 19
Against All Odds: Ch. 11-12
Victims of Fate: Ch. 22-41
Learning Curve: Ch. 2
Disillusioned: Ch. 20
Making Waves: Ch. 30-31
Parallel Lives: Ch. 2-6
Forward to Time Past: Ch. 62-63

New Stories
If I Hurt You, Will You Still Love Me? by Slaymesoftly {NC-17, WIP}
Belly of the Beast by OKDeanna {NC-17, WIP}

Read, enjoy, and don't forget to review!

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