Past Updates

June 29, 2007: Small Update

New Story:

Masks and Mirrors by Pfeifferpack - Chapters 1 thru 5



Chapter 5             The Art of Immortality



Posted by Adriana

June 26, 2007: Permanent WIPs & An Update

Permanent WIPs
I've added a new "Status" for stories that are unlikely to ever be completed because the author is no longer a part of the Spuffy fandom. If you don't want to read a story that will never be finished, you'll want to stay away from stories labeled "Permanent WIP."  So far, I have only changed stories from WIP to Permanent WIP for authors I know for certain are no longer writing Spuffy.  If you know a certain author is no longer in fandom and a story archived here is a WIP, please let me know so that I can change the status of the story. Thanks.

Now... a smallish, but worthwhile update. :o)

Updated Stories
The Art of Immortality: 4
Echoes: 8-10
Changeling: 20
The Last Storm: 16
Future Sins Past: 31
Oedipus Calling: 22
Ripping Down the Walls: 5

Posted by Yani

June 20, 2007: Update

Updated Stories:
The Trouble with Keeping Promises: 15-25
Strawberry Fields: 17
Dreamscape: 15 [Complete]
Corazon Salvaje (Wild Heart): 47
Chirality: 14
Personal Attention: 11-21
The Triple Fool: 23
Safe in My Own Skin: 2
Future Sins Past: 24-30
The Last Storm: 8-15
The Favourite: 10

New Stories:
Echoes by Holly [NC-17, WIP]
Fix You by Enigmaticblue [PG-13, WIP]
Ripping Down the Walls by Megan [NC-17, WIP]
The Art of Immortality by Dusty273 [NC-17, WIP]

Spuffy LJ Community
mad_brilliant_ and I have opened up a new community for Spuffy fanfic lovers! spuffy_lovin is a Spuffy fanfic recommendations community based on a weekly theme. In other words, every week a new theme will be selected (based on a community poll), and members will post their fanfic recommendations that have any element of that theme.

Our first theme was time travel, and we got loads of awesome fic recs! This week our theme is dimension hopping and already we've gotten many great recs, but there's always room for more! Stories can be old, new, completed, WIPs, canon, AU, all human... as long as it's Spuffy, it's wanted!

If you are on Livejournal, come join spuffy_lovin! Make it a fun and thriving place for the best fanfiction our Spuffy community has to offer!

Posted by Yani