Past Updates

May 26, 2008: Stories and Caps!

I finally got around to adding a few more screencaps to the Media Gallery, though it was only one episode. I've added 993 screencaps (I went a little overboard) for 4x08 Pangs. They screencaps are larger than previous ones, measuring 1200x900 pixels, so I hope they're useful to you. I hope to add more caps in the near future!

Updated Stories:
Latter Days: Ch. 19
Murphy's Law: Ch. 18-20
Personal Attention: Ch. 28
Awaken to Danger: Ch. 5-7
Forward to Time Past: Ch. 60-61
Time After Time: Ch. 7
Love and Death Embrace: Ch. 21 FINISHED
Into the Night: Ch. 2
Safe in My Own Skin: Ch. 8
Southern Comfort: Ch. 4
Great Balls of Fire: Ch. 2

New Stories:
Inhuman Hearts by Echidna [NC-17, FINISHED]
Cupidity by Holly [NC-17, FINISHED]
Nemesis by Holly [NC-17, WIP]
The Fifth Kiss by Just_Sue [PG, FINISHED]
A Loss of Pride by Mabel Marsters [PG-13, FINISHED]
Parallel Lives by Mabel Marsters [NC-17, WIP]
Learning Curve by Addie Logan [NC-17, WIP]

New Author:
Victims of Fate by ya_lublyu_tebya [R, WIP]

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May 12, 2008: Update!

New Layout!
If you've visited Nocturnal Light in the last few weeks, you might have noticed a new layout gracing the site. HUGE thanks to Mandi for the absolutely beautiful graphic!

Updated Stories
Love and Death Embrace: 17-20
Blast from the Past: 9 [Complete]
Murphy's Law: 16-17
Awaken to Danger: 4
Welcome to the Jungle: 4
Against All Odds: 10
The Trouble With Keeping Promises: 29
Latter Days: 18

New Stories
Blood Debt by Addie Logan [WIP, NC-17]
Time After Time by Addie Logan [WIP, NC-17]
The Sweetest Sin by OKDeanna [Complete, NC-17]
Into the Night by Dusty273 [WIP, NC-17]
Until the End of the World by Unbridled Brunette [Complete, NC-17]
Even Champions Need a Home by Slaymesoftly [Complete, PG]
Great Balls of Fire by Niamh [WIP, NC-17]
Elemental Slayer by Megan [WIP, NC-17]
The Grundy Affair by Winsomeone [Complete, PG]
Southern Comfort by Holly [WIP, NC-17]
Hero's Reward by Pfeifferpack [Complete, PG-13]

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May 01, 2008: May Updates!

Two New Stories by Addie Logan

World on Fire   1-9  Complete

When Love and Death Embrace  1-16 WIP


Updated Stories:

Working My Way Back to You    Chapter 24

Latter Days   16-17

Murphy's Law  13-15

Forward to Time Past    59

Origins: Resolutions      18

Against All Odds   9


More updates later this week!!

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