Past Updates

May 24, 2007: More Stories and Stuff!

Welcome, Rose!
As some might have noticed, there's been an addition to Nocturnal Light, and although I'm late with the introduction, I hope you'll give Rose a very warm welcome.  She will be helping me keep the fanfiction section of the site as updated as possible. As you can see, she's already done the last couple of updates!

Spam Reviews
A world of thanks to Kindred, who let me know about the spam reviews one of her stories was receiving. After doing some investigating, I realized that several stories had been similarly attacked. 

I've done what I can for now to secure the review form. I'm hoping the security measures I've implemented will discourage spammers, but if you see any of this junk cluttering any review section, please, please do let me know!! Thank you.

And now, the stories... 

Southern Comfort: 25
Future Sins Past: 23
Oedipus Calling: 18-21
Making Waves: 26-28
Changeling: 19

New Stories
Truce by Lady Anne [R, Complete]
Love Like Fire by Addie Logan [NC-17, WIP]
Every Night by Addie Logan [NC-17, Complete]
The Last Storm by DreamsOfSpike [NC-17, WIP]
Dreamscape by Holly [NC-17, WIP]
Safe in My Own Skin by Niamh [NC-17, WIP]
One Hundred Percent Pure by yutamiyu [NC-17, Complete]
The Trouble With Keeping Promises by Jaesha [NC-17, WIP]

James Marsters in the UK
Earlier this month I had the chance to see James at the events he attended in London.  I took tons of photos, and though I'm still working my way through them during my spare time, I have uploaded several of them to my personal site, Midnight Illusions, if anyone is interested in viewing them. :o)

Posted by Yani

May 15, 2007: Small update

Updated stories:

Tempesta Di Amore by Holly
Strawberry Fields by Ameeya
Future sins past by Dreamsofspike

Posted by Rose