Past Updates

April 25, 2007: Updates

I updated a few stories:

Future Sins Past by DreamsofSpike ; chapter 8-15
Chirality by yutamiyu ; chapter 13
Come Back to Me by SpikesDeb; chapter 29
Strawberry Fields by Ameeya ; chapter 15
Tempesta di amore by Holly; chapter 9-12



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April 09, 2007: Updates & New Authors

Help Found
Thank you to those of you that volunteered to help out with Nocturnal Light. I've found a couple of people that will be hopping on board as NL Staff. I'll be introducing them to the site once we're all set up!

How's about another update?

Strawberry Fields: 14
A Soul to Seduce: 18-22

New Authors
yutamiyu: Chirality (NC-17, WIP), Of Love, Balloons, and Birthday Cake (NC-17, Complete), Recalibration (PG-13, Complete)
Jaesha: Personal Attention (NC-17, WIP)
squawks: For Richer or Poorer (NC-17, WIP), Swimfan (NC-17, Complete)
DreamsofSpike: Future Sins Past (NC-17, WIP)

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April 05, 2007: Updates, a Thank You, & Help Wanted

It's a given that I suck. I'm very sorry for the lack of updates.

I'm going to try my best to catch up as many of the stories as possible. If I miss anything, please do let me know!

Corazon Salvaje: 43-46
The Song Remains the Same: 65
Darkening of the Light: 16-19 [Complete]
Oedipus Calling: 12-17
A Soul to Seduce: 12-17
Changeling: 18
The Triple Fool: 21-22
Strawberry Fields: 9-13
Brace Yourself: 13-Epilogue [Complete]
Come Back to Me: 27-28
Working My Way Back to You: 21
Somewhere in Time: 18
Campfires: 4-Epilogue [Complete]

A Belated Thank You
I want to apologize to Nmcil. She's an incredible sweetheart that's given amazing support to Nocturnal Light, and I've neglected to thank her properly. My most sincere apologies for that. Many, many thanks to Nmcil's very generous donation to NL, which just last month renewed the site's domain for another year! *hugs* 

Help Wanted
I promise the next update won't be months away. However, what I have realized is that perhaps I'm going to need help with making sure that Nocturnal Light is updated frequently.

         1) Love for Spuffy fanfiction
         2) Time during the week to update current WIPs, add stories & authors
         3) HTML knowledge is preferable, at least the basics

If you are interested in coming on-board to help, do drop me a line!

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