Past Updates

February 29, 2008: Small update

Distance - Chapter 63 and an important authors note.
Changing Lives - Chapters 55-60 (Now Complete!)
Forward to Time Past - Chapter 56
Safe in My Own Skin - chapter 7

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February 21, 2008: Updates!

Tempesta di Amore: Ch. 25
Safe in My Own Skin: Ch. 6
Against All Odds: Ch. 2-4
Murphy's Law: Ch. 4-5
Personal Attention: Ch. 25-27
The Art of Immortality: Ch. 21
Forward to Time Past: Ch. 55
Origins: Resolutions: Ch. 15
Paved Road to Hell: Ch. 7-13 [Complete]
Awaken to Danger: Ch. 1-2
Gardens of Oblivion: Ch. 17
Working My Way Back to You: Ch. 23
Changing Lives: Ch. 44-54
Distance: Ch. 56-62

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February 10, 2008: More Updates and Two Requests


First:  If you're readling any of the stories on this archive, you are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to leave a review.   The authors love to hear from you so, be nice and let them know what you think.   Feedback is not only appreciated but, again, really encouraged.

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On to the updates:

NEW STORIES BY Winsomeone:

Paved Road to Hell     Chapters 1-6  WIP

Aphrodite and the Lost Scribe  Chapters 1-19 Complete

Riders   Chapters 1-30 Complete

Buffy and Spike's Most Excellent Adventure at the Con  Chapter 1 Complete

In the ARMY Now  by Im_Bloody_English  Chapters 1-20 Complete



Distance by Herself   49-55  WIP

Changing Lives by Mabel Marsters  31-43  WIP

Tempt Me Not by Addie Logan  8-9   (Complete)

Strawberry Fields by Ameeya  27  WIP

Dreams Do Show The to Me by SpikesDeb   5  (Complete)

Future Sins Past by dreamsofspike  57   WIP

Tempesta di Amore by Holly  24  (WIP)

Murphy's Law  by Im_Bloody_English  3  (WIP)


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!!

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February 03, 2008: Weekend Update, Part Deux

Deliverance: 9
Distance: 48
Gardens of Oblivion: 16
Dreams Do Show Thee to Me: 4

New Stories:
Second Chance by Sophie [PG, Complete]
Worth a Second Go by Pattyanne [NC-17, Complete]
Welcome to the Jungle by Niamh [NC-17, WIP]

New Authors:
winsomeone: The Wonder-Worker [PG-13, Complete]
OKDeanna: Awaken to Danger [NC-17, WIP], Constant Craving [NC-17, Complete], There and Back Again [NC-17, Complete]
Just_Sue: Buyer Beware [NC-17, WIP], On the Dial of Time [R, Complete], We'll Go Be Heroes [PG, Complete], Changing Course [NC-17, WIP]
Mabel Marsters: A Dream Come True? [NC-17, Complete], Changing Lives [PG-13, WIP]
Im_Bloody_English: Language of Love [NC-17, Complete], Lessons in Love [NC-17, Complete], Living for Love [NC-17, Complete], Murphy's Law [NC-17, WIP]
Samara: Near Enough [NC-17, WIP]

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February 02, 2008: Weekend Update

Origins: Resolutions: 14
Strawberry Fields: 26
Forward to Time Past: 53-54
Tempt Me Not: 6-7
Take a Chance: 11-20
Distance: 41-47

New Stories:
Against All Odds by Dusty273 [NC-17, WIP]
Carpe Diem by SpikesDeb [NC-17, Complete]
Latter Days by Enigmaticblue [PG-13, WIP]

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