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December 28, 2008: New Layout & an Update!

New Layout!
Nocturnal Light has a new look! Check it out and let me know what you think on the brand new tagboard! I realized that the old tagboard created annoying commercial pop-ups, so I made my own board. No more pop-up ads!

If you run into any problems/issues on the site, please let me know as I've made lots of tiny changes. I've tried testing everything, but in case I missed something, do let me know!

Spuffy Awards
Voting is now open at Spuffy Awards! Lots of great stories are nominated, so please take a moment and go vote!

Updated Stories
Smile: Ch 3 [Finished]
Against All Odds: Ch 20
Adamo: Ch 8
Origins: Resolutions: Ch 26
Forward to Time Past: Ch 66
The Writing on the Wall: Ch 15-16
Corruption: Ch 25-26
Healing: Ch 71-77
The Song Remains the Same: Ch 68-70

New Stories
More Than a Dream by Addie Logan [NC-17, Finished]
The Gift & The Reunion by OKDeanna [NC-17, Finished]
More than That by OKDeanna [R, Finished]
Bewitched, Bothered, and... by Slaymesoftly [PG-13, Finished]
A Bumpy Christmas by Slaymesoftly [PG-13, Finished]
God Only Knows by Niamh [NC-17, Finished]
Betrayal by Pet [NC-17, WIP]
A Brand New Life by OKDeanna [PG, Finished]
Only Time Will Tell by dampersandspoons [NC-17, Finished]
The New Boss by dampersandspoons [NC-17, Finished]
My Brother's Best Friend by dampersandspoons [NC-17, Finished]
Delust or Dust by dampersandspoons [NC-17, WIP]

Enjoy and don't forget to review!

Posted by Yani