Past Updates

December 31, 2007: Updates

A tiny update, but two new stories as well!


Future Sins Past - Chapter 52

Hello Again - Chapter 7

The Art Of Immortality - Chapter 15 

New Stories:

Blood Bound by DreamsofSpike (Complete)

Because He Needs Me by DreamsofSpike (Complete)

Happy new year! 

Posted by Rose

December 20, 2007: Updates

Please forgive the very short update. I'm going to try very hard to make some time to add new stories tomorrow. For now, this will have to do. For what it's worth... the new chapter of Forward to Time Past is amazing! And Enigmaticblue's story, Fix You, is now complete! Yay!

Forward to Time Past: 51
Fix You: 48-50 [Complete]
Gardens of Oblivion: 13-14
The Triple Fool: 27
The Last Storm:28-29
Future Sins Past: 50-51

Posted by Yani

December 10, 2007: December Updates

Updated Stories:

Come Back to Me     Chapter 31

The Art of Immortality  Chapters 13-14

Gardens of Oblivion    Chapters 11-12

Forward to Time Past   Chapters 49-50

Fix You   Chapters 46-47

Downward Spiral   Chapter 9


New Stories added by Enigmaticblue:

Hello Again   Chapters 1-6  WIP

Buying in Bulk   Chapter 1  Complete

O Christmas Tree  Chapter 1 Complete

Atonement    Chapter 1 Complete


Posted by Adriana