Past Updates

December 21, 2006: Updates!

Love Takes Time : 50

New Stories
Campfires by Niamh [NC-17, WIP]
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear by Holly [NC-17, WIP]
The One by Megan [NC-17, Complete]
A Soul to Seduce by Eurydice [NC-17, WIP]
Such Great Heights by Enigmaticblue [PG-13, WIP]

Media Gallery
Added 62 images of Sarah Michelle Gellar, 9 of James Marsters, and 4 of Spike.

And last but not least, I wish everyone very happy holidays!!!

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December 18, 2006: Updated Stories

Brace Yourself : 6-8
Changeling : 16
Come Back to Me : 26
Corazon Salvaje : 40-41
Darkening of the Light
: 12-14
The Light on the Dark Side of Me : 11-12
Love Takes Time : 35-49
Oedipus Calling : 9-10
The Song Remains the Same : 61-63
Strawberry Fields : 6
The Triple Fool : 20

I hope to have another update for you before the end of this week. I want to add some of the awesome holiday fics that are popping up.

New Awards Site
Mandi from Vampire's Kiss and I have joined together to create a brand new awards site! Solemn Graces Awards is an awards site for BtVS and AtS websites, with a handful of award categories for fanart and, of course, Spuffy fanfiction! Go check it out and nominate!

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