Past Updates

November 29, 2008: More Stories...

The Writing on the Wall: Ch. 14
Healing: Ch. 69-70
Promised: Ch. 18

New Stories:
The Will to Love by Megan [R, WIP]
To Trick a Witch by Megan [NC-17, Finished]
Beg is a Three Letter Word by fer1213 [NC-17, Finished]
One Perfect Night by Spikeslovebite [NC-17, Finished]
Another Auld Lang Syne by Spikeslovebite [PG-13, Finished]
Love Takes Time by Brat [NC-17, Finished]
Lost in You by Mary [NC-17, Finished]
A Day in the Life by Just_Sue [PG-13, Finished]
Dreams Let Me Down by Addie Logan [PG, Finished]
Smile by Vanilla [PG-13, WIP]
Not Dead by Herself [NC-17, WIP]
The Return by ya_lublyu_tebya [R, WIP]
Empress of the High Seas by Winsomeone [PG, Finished]
Unsuffer Me by Enigmaticblue [PG-13, Finished]

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November 23, 2008: Small Update

I meant to add new stories, but they'll have to wait until next time. I have tons of them waiting in the wings. So all I have are updates to current stories and a note.

Note About Reviews
Authors love reviews! They really do. When you write a review, it doesn't only mean you have to praise them for their awesomeness... you can be critical, if necessary. HOWEVER, don't just say, "I really didn't like XYZ" or "I really think XYZ was a no-no." If you want to be critical, make sure your criticism is constructive, not just pointing out the issues you had with a story because that's not how you think it should have flowed. I reserve the right to delete any reviews that I think are out of line and/or not at all helpful to either the reader or the writer.

Having said that, please do leave reviews that will be beneficial to everyone who reads fanfic on this site and who has graciously allowed me to add their stories to the archive.

Now and Always: Ch. 10-12 FINISHED
Awaken to Danger: Ch. 9
Safe in My Own Skin: Ch. 10
Healing: Ch. 66-68
Against All Odds: Ch. 19
Promised: Ch. 16-17
The Writing on the Wall: Ch. 11-13
Personal Attention: Ch.29

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November 09, 2008: Small Update

Lost and Found: Part 2, Finished
Adamo: Ch. 8
Things That Go Bump in the Night: 23-30 Finished
Origins: Resolutions: Ch. 25
Healing: Ch. 63-65
A Chance in Hell: Ch. 20
The Writing on the Wall: Ch. 4-10
Come Back to Me: Ch. 32
A Little Tenderness: Ch. 9-17 Finished
Closure: Ch. 24 Finished
Lies: Ch. 16-19

New Stories:
Now and Always by Enigmaticblue [WIP, PG-13]
One Little Dance by Holly [Finished, NC-17]
The Butcher by dampersandspoons [Finished, NC-17]

Shameless Plug
Nominations are once again open at Spuffy Awards. If you have a moment, please head on over and nominate your favorite story! If that story is archived here, then it's a hundred times easier: Just click on the "Nominate this story at Spuffy Awards!" when you see it and half the work is done for you.

Enjoy the updates and don't forget to review!

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