Past Updates

November 30, 2006: Update

The Triple Fool : 19
Changeling : 15
Love Takes Time : 20-34
Oedipus Calling : 7-8
Stronger : 26-30
Strawberry Fields : 3-5
Brace Yourself : 3-5
Tempesta di Amore : 7-8
The Song Remains the Same : 60

The Heartstone by Bogwitch [R, Complete]

Posted by Yani

November 11, 2006: Look, New Layout! And Stories

I've had this layout waiting in the wings for a while and decided to finally take it out and use it. The work is all mine, so it won't compare to the pretty banner that Sandy S. made for the previous layout. :o)

And I did say that there we would be new stories and authors with the next update, didn't I? Hope you enjoy the 11 new stories! 

Updated Stories
The Chaos Factor : 3
Oedipus Calling : 5-6

New Stories
Darkening of the Light by Addie Logan [NC-17, WIP]
Forsaken by angelic_amy [NC-17,  WIP]
Deliverance by angelic_amy [NC-17, WIP]
Love Takes Time by Brat [NC-17, WIP]
One More Mile
by Enigmaticblue [PG, Complete]
Parting Gifts by angelic_amy [NC-17, WIP]
Secrets & Lies by angelic_amy [NC-17, Complete]

New Authors
Effection : Stronger [R, WIP], The Bet [R, WIP]
Niamh : Leave Your Lights On [NC-17, Complete], Baby Love [NC-17, Complete]
Satindoll : Changeling [NC-17, WIP], The Triple Fool [R, WIP]

And lastly, per SpikesKat's request, all her stories have been removed from the archive. Though I'm sad to see her go, I still look forward to catching her awesome Spuffy fics. You can still find all of her work on her site, Seductive Embrace

Posted by Yani

November 06, 2006: Updated Stories and New Goodies

Brace Yourself : 2
The Light on the Dark Side of Me : 10
Oedipus Calling : 4
The Song Remains the Same : 58-59
Tempesta di Amore : 6

New Stories
Stawberry Fields by Ameeya [NC-17, WIP]
The Chaos Factor by Schehrezade [R, WIP]
Show Me Something Blue by Megan [R, Complete]

I meant to do more this update, but ran out of time. The next one will include new authors and more new stories! 

Posted by Yani